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Editor’s Letter

In the letters pages during the last few issues, you may have run across some comments about the ways in which Oxygen sets itself apart from the competition. You’ll find the latest installment along these lines on Page 22 in the Feedback section of this issue. And what is the gist of these praises? Well, for one, you appreciate that we give you great training routines — current and powerful and effective; that each issue provides clean recipes that don’t take you hours to pull together; and that each issue showcases women who strongly promote how you want women represented: 

“Your magazine lets women know we can be so much more than what society
thinks we should be.”

—Sherry, via email

“Your articles are empowering the women of today to find the strong,
confident, fit women inside each of them.”

— Monica, via email 

Clearly, you recognize that our models look strong and sexy but are not “sex objects” who can be easily trivialized or dismissed. Our Oxygen women remain strong, independent and positive. That’s been the guiding tone of the magazine since its inception, and although trends come and go, I know why you turn to Oxygen —and it isn’t moody, sexualized imagery of skinny women fearful of healthy, functional muscle. Our aspirational models actually look fit because they are fit.

In one of my previous incarnations, I worked on one of the leading women’s magazines in Canada, attending fitness photo shoots as the fitness technical expert, cueing models on proper form. As a personal trainer, I loved the work, but I could not believe how little these (slender) models trained for fear of gaining a little bit of muscle. I recall one specifically telling me she had given up her cycling classes because her quads built up too much muscle! I recall thinking how she was squandering a genetic gift — I should be so lucky!

You can only imagine my joy when I found Oxygen, only to be hired and then finding myself on set with models who were proud of their muscles and their fitness. Who rarely (if ever) needed prompting about proper form. In fact, all too often we would trade tips on certain exercises, sharing tweaks that can make movements more advanced and challenging. I love muscle talk, and believe me when I say these Oxygen gals walk the talk.

In Oxygen, you won’t see doe-eyed, moody, undernourished skinny-fat gals lacking any muscle. Here, you find women who are healthy, glowing, positive, fresh and natural, women who love to share their passion and excitement (and their fitness, training and nutrition tips!). Obviously, we make it a point at Oxygen to go the extra mile to bring women information and inspiration you won’t find elsewhere.

Let me know about your progress.

Stay in touch, 
Diane Hart, Editor-in-Chief

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On The Cover

Lift Your Assets

Bring up your rear with this exclusive glute workout from Lifetime TV's "Mission Makeover"
co-host and popular fitness star Jamie Eason Middleton.

By Lara McGlashan, CPT, Fitness Editor | Photography by Cory Sorenson

Fight A Cold

Five mouthwatering meals to increase your immunity through cold and flu season. 

By Erin Macdonald, RDN & Tiffani Bachus, RDN | Photography by Cory Sorenson

Muscle Up! Month 2

Our second installment of Oxygen's three-month workout series is set to catapult your physique to a new level, leaving you leaner, stronger and fitter. You're more than ready for Round Two — now here's your guide to scoring a knock-out body!

By Myatt Murphy, CSCS | Photography by Robert Reiff

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