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Editor’s Letter

We’re listening here at Oxygen! Over the past several months, you’ve tweeted, posted and emailed about how you want us to include more models of all ages. In June, we featured the 43-year-old fearlessly fit Ava Cowan, and we were overwhelmed by your responses. Here are just a few samples:

Diane, the June issue is awesome! I love that your mother pushes herself like I do. At 61, I’m a 5:15 a.m. riser and at the gym before work taking indoor cycling classes, total-body boot camp — I like to mix it up. Please continue to feature older women. — Clarice

After reading your June 2015 editor’s letter, I was compelled to write to you not only to say thank you but also to say how impressed I am you’ve decided to feature women of all ages in your magazine. You have given all women the inspiration to start their journey, get back on their journey or, as is my case, continue with their journey. It is a true testament that exercise and clean eating will give you the most amazing feelings of accomplishment, control over your life and strength you never thought possible. — Debra

I have to say I find it interesting there are comments about having age-appropriate models featured. I am 53, in great shape and couldn’t care less about the age of the model. We shouldn’t get hung up on age — we should find inspiration in the dedication it takes for anyone of any age to look fantastic. — Arlene

I read your letter from the June issue about being super fit at any age and wanted to thank you — it’s important women of all ages are heard. I love being fit and active and couldn’t imagine it any other way. — Laura

In this issue, we’re maintaining our position that Oxygen is for all women. In these pages, you’ll find women of all ages, including Patti Kimball, one of our Future of Fitness women who shares her inspirational story, as well as Caitlin Flora, a Success Story, who shed an astonishing 187 pounds! We’ll continue to feature women of all sizes, shapes and ages who love to be fit. You’ll also see women who live, breathe and work fitness, like NBC’s The Biggest Loser’s Jennifer Widerstrom whose workout and unique moves are killer (really!).

We also focus on the nutrition aspects of lifelong fitness — like our stories featuring high-protein snacks to go and clean recipes that take less than 30 minutes to make (with a veggie option included!). We’re also featuring a nifty and inexpensive tool that gets you the six-pack you want as fast as you want. So ladies — all of you — enjoy working up a sweat and continue sending me your thoughts.

Stay in touch,

Diane Hart, Editor-in-Chief 



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On The Cover

Feel The Power

From gymnastics to American Gladiators to The Biggest Loser, Jen Widerstrom has done it all. Now she creates a sculpt-and-shred workout exclusively for Oxygen using some techniques that even we didn't know!

By Lara McGlashan, CPT, Fitness Editor | Photography by Ian Spanier

Hammer Your Legs


Use this three-part plan to build strong and shapely hamstrings.

By Lara McGlashan, CPT, Fitness Editor | Photography by Cory Sorenson

Body-Fat Busters

Bodyfat: Everyone has it, and everyone wants less of it. But how can you make that happen and still be healthy and perform well? The answer may surprise you.

By Alexander J.A. Cortes and Lara McGlashan, CPT, Fitness Editor 

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