Oxygen Magazine, May 2015

Editor’s Letter

Exercise physiologist and Oxygen advisory board member Len Kravitz, Ph.D., uses an expression I’d like to share about the importance of setting small fitness goals. To me, it’s a keeper: “Inch by inch it’s a cinch; yard by yard it’s much too hard!”

The message is one that resonates with me personally because (OK, I admit it) I’m an all-in type of person who never likes to do anything with half measures. For example, I recall in an attempt to quell my anxiety about an imminent flight, I tackled the gym full-on and slammed my triceps so hard I found it difficult to shampoo my hair five days afterward. Ouch!

The point is, I believe Len is totally on the mark about taking small steps when it comes to improving your fitness, and I’m hoping what you find in this month’s Oxygen provides just the right kinds of steps to get you nearer to your goals. From an intriguing method for carving a great pair of calves (can you say “diamond-shaped calves”?) to an intense medicine-ball workout for busting fatty tissue, from making 23 meals using only five basic ingredients to the ideal way for setting up a clean kitchen to simplify and maximize your nutrition efforts — Oxygen magazine brings you a ton of practical, friendly advice to make your time in the gym or at home worthwhile and accessible.

What’s more, our many articles don’t end with the magazine you hold in your hands. A number of them offer additional recommendations and suggestions online: If you want more after you’ve tested the assorted plank variations for building a solid core in the magazine, you can turn to our website for key do’s and don’ts about perfecting your plank form. Also, after reading our popular success stories in the current issue, you can find more inspirational stories on the website. Our online offerings are truly rich with advice to deliver results incrementally, just like the magazine version. For more, just go to oxygenmag.com.

Remember: Inch by inch, Oxygen will help you reach your goals.

Stay in touch,
Diane Hart, Editor-in-Chief 

P.S. You’ve probably noticed a new section we’ve added to Oxygen, Oxy Voices. We know we have something special here at Oxygen, and it’s the many voices that make up our community that truly set us apart from others in our category. So we’ve made it easy for you to hear these voices in one complete package starting on Page 89. Stay tuned for more next month!

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