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At 65, my mother abruptly announced she was going to learn to downhill ski, and characteristically, that’s just what she set out to do — she signed up for beginner classes and slowly built her confidence until she was able to take on the long runs in Aspen, Colorado, and Whistler, British Columbia. She remains, to me, an indomitable inspiration (for all kinds of reasons) but in particular this one: She never let age stand in the way of her fitness goals.

Nor should you.

At Oxygen, we celebrate fit and fabulous women from those in their 20s and 30s to those in their 40s, 50s and beyond! That’s why we are so proud and happy to profile cover model Ava Cowan who, at 43, has reinvented herself physically and emotionally, stronger today than ever before.

Ava embraces her age fully. She is proudly fit, fabulous, grounded and cares not what others think of her or what judgments may be made. At a time in their lives when others slow down, she says she’s finally forging her own path based on her experiences up to this point.

Consider Ava’s training experience. I encourage you to try out her unique shoulder workout on Page 44. It’s not your average approach to creating powerful and sexy deltoids. Through trial and error and study, she learned how to create big effect with simple changes in grip and planes of motion, changes that hit all kinds of muscle fibers the average workout may miss. And for a bit more inspiration about the magic of getting older, listen to Dr. Harriet Davis, on Page 90. Harriet, who is also 43, runs a medical center, trains hard and methodically in the gym, and competes whenever she can.

They are both — as my mother today continues to be to me — truly an inspiration to us all. Look around you and I’m sure you’ll find similar inspirations in your neck of the woods. Drop me a brief note about these women. I’m curious.

Stay in touch,

Stay in touch,
Diane Hart, Editor-in-Chief 

P.S. Real Women, Real Success! You keep telling me how much you love our success stories. This month one of our subjects, Sarah Hanson, lost an amazing 74 pounds! (And yes, she’s 47!) Find her before and after pics on Page 98.

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On The Cover

Fearless And Fierce

Meet the new Ava Cowan! The Divine Nutrition–sponsored athlete dishes about haircuts, ageism, retirement and freedom. Plus, she shares her sexy shoulder routine!

By Lara McGlashan, CPT, Fitness Editor | Photography by Ian Spanier

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Scorch Mega Calories!

One plate + 8 moves = total-body fitness

By Alexander Cortes, CPT, NASM-PES | Photography by Cory Sorenson

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