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I really don’t think you can ever have too much knowledge — information, yes, but useable, practical knowledge, never! That’s why you continually return to Oxygen, I suspect. You not only get information on the latest workouts and sports nutrition, but you’re also offered several ways in which to apply it to your own fitness lifestyle. And that keeps you curious and wanting more of it every month.

That’s why attending Dymatize’s Sports Nutrition Summit in Dallas recently was so invaluable. The topics were as diverse as the presenters — from Dr. Brad Schoenfeld’s “Fed vs. Fast Exercise and Body Composition” to Dr. Abbie Smith’s research on how pomegranates affect circulation and performance. I was fascinated. The practical lab and production tour was equally interesting. 

It’s never too late to make a turnaround, a course correction, a change in direction. And be it in the gym or in life in general, the more you approach life (or your fitness regimen) with curiosity and gusto, the better the journey — or maybe I’ve been on the West Coast too long!

The passion of those in this industry for getting it right in training and nutrition is, to me, what makes it such a joy to work in. I hope you find the same passion and interest in the pages of the magazine this month, from our look at whether organic protein is worth the price on Page 64 to doing drop sets to shape a great cap on Page 48 to getting tips from the best experts in the field on Page 74. A woman told me recently at the Los Angeles FitExpo that she read Oxygen every month because she trusted we get it right. “I’m so happy you don’t have any beauty or fashion — you have what I need, every month!”

We’ll continue to give you what you need, that’s a promise!

Stay in touch,

Diane Hart, Editor-in-Chief

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On The Cover

Sexy Abs and Glutes

2014 Olympic Bikini champion Ashley Kaltwasser shares her secret formula.

By Lara McGlashan, CPT, Fitness Editor | Photography by Cory Sorenson

Is Organic Protein Better?



Your protein needs are a must to fuel your active lifestyle. Oxygen explores why organic might make a better choice. 

By Linda Melone, CSCS

Twenty Five Minutes to a Lean Body

Want to burn fat without losing muscle? Kettlebells are your new best friend.

By Erin Calderone, MS, CSCS | Photography by Robert Reiff

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