Oxygen Magazine, Jan/Feb 2017


In 2015 when we launched the first Oxygen Challenge, we tried to manage our expectations. We were so excited to share the programs that we created

along with our coaches, and we hoped you would sign up, but we honestly didn’t know how many would. Needless to say, we were completely blown away when thousands of you joined, entered the cover contest and followed through with the 90-day program. We were stunned by the commitment, focus and hard work every participant put in, whether they were aiming for the cover or setting the groundwork for a lifestyle trans- formation.

For this year’s Challenge, we paired our incredible coaches — Ashley Kaltwasser and Christmas Abbott — to deliver two new comprehensive training and nutrition programs, designed to get you stronger and leaner. And for the second year in a row, there were thousands of entries to comb through, and we are so impressed with your transformations. Collectively, you lost hundreds of pounds and shed tons of body fat. Many of you made life-changing trans- formations, making narrowing down the list to just 20 nearly impossible. There were so many worthy candidates, which is why we’re glad we left the task to you to choose the winner.

You will meet our Oxygen Challenge 2 winner on Page 40, and you’ll be impressed with her dedication and be inspired by her drive and humility. We have also profiled five standouts who are living proof that we have the ability to change our bodies and our lives. Each of their stories is di erent, but they have one thing in common: They are an inspiration to all of us.

Speaking of transformations, you may have noticed Oxygen looks very di erent this issue. For the past couple of months, our amazing art directors have been trans- forming this magazine, making the changes you’ve asked for. We’re excited about our new, improved quality and trim size, which allow our photography to pop o the page. You asked for better legibility, so we are using new, cleaner fonts in a larger type size to give your eyes a break. We’ve also fine-tuned the design of the magazine to highlight the content, bringing the focus back to the physiques and to technique.

What hasn’t changed is our dedication to delivering the best information on training and nutrition to help you reach your goals. We will continue to tell you about the lat- est in fitness research; we will provide you with a broad mix of workouts for strength, fat loss and cardiovascular endurance; and we will include more meal plans and info on meal prep to take the guesswork out of eating clean.

I am so excited to present this new issue to you and can’t wait to hear what you think. Share your thoughts on social media or email us at editorial@oxygenmag.com.

Train hard,

Maureen Farrar




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On The Cover


Patricia Arredondo, winner of the 2016 Oxygen Challenge, talks to us about her determination, avoiding cheat days and what it means to be on the cover of Oxygen magazine.

By Maureen Farrar | Photography by Peter Lueders

HIIT Your Goals

Whether you're eager to shed your holiday pounds or just redefine your relationship with the gym, this eight-week, HIIT-based routine has you covered.

By Eric Velazquez, CSCS | Photography by Peter Lueders

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