Oxygen Magazine, May/June 2017

Beauty in Motion

It was one of the worst snowstorms of the year in New York City. It was a bitterly cold February day — especially for this Southern California girl, who thinks 60 degrees is brisk — and I was freezing, even in the photo studio. But when Misty Copeland walked in, the room was immediately filled with warmth. What storm? Misty exuded confidence. She was self-possessed, graceful, elegant, polished and extremely professional. And nice. Like, really nice. She is clearly someone who is used to people going all fangirl on her (like I may or may not have done), and she knows how to put them at ease.

Once she was done with hair and makeup and dressed, the photoshoot flowed like a beautifully choreographed ballet. The photographer pointed the camera at Misty and we stood back and watched. Normally, we’ll give some direction on how to move, where to stand, how to pose and where to look. Not that day. It was breathtaking to watch someone who is so in tune with her body, effortlessly flow through position after position while en pointe.

When we were planning this issue with Misty, we were asked whether she embodied what Oxygen stands for. Our answer: Absolutely. Ballerinas are athletes. Dance is artistic, but it also requires physical skill and places a lot of demands on the body, just like training does for any other athlete. Like all our cover athletes, Misty epitomizes strength, power, agility and endurance. And she’s proud of her muscle.

In our profile of her on Page 46 (“Breaking Barriers”), Misty talks about how her physique, more visibly athletic than that of most ballet dancers, was not considered to be ideally suited to her career, why she refused to conform to the more “classical” shape (read: less muscular), and why she took control of her nutrition, fine- tuning her diet to meet the demands she places on herself day after day.

In this issue, we also investigate what’s really in your bottled water. The results (“What’s in Your Bottled Water?” Page 60) may surprise you. And because summer is here and you may be jetting off for a vacation, we give you the best travel companions — three workouts you can do anytime, anywhere with minimal equipment. Check out “Stay Fit on the Go” on Page 64 before you leave your gym clothes at home. And if you’re looking for a yoga retreat or an outdoor adventure, we’ve got you covered there, too. We’re sharing some of the best fitness-focused destinations (“Fit Vacations,” Page 72) for the fit family.

I’m off to test the quality of my water now.

Maureen Farrar




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On The Cover

Breaking Barriers

As the first African-American principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland is breaking barriers. The Under Armour ambassador also has a new book out, she's filmed a movie role, and she's shattering the ballet mold.

By Lara McGlashan, MFA, CPT | Photography by Peter Lueders

Build Your Best Chest

Strength and power can be yours (without the brawn) using this four-pronged approach to chest training.

By Lara McGlashan, MFA, CPT | Photography by Cory Sorensen

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