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Best Body Challenge: Month Two


Transform your body with Month Two of the Best Body training program. Resistance bands and plyometrics keep your body guessing this month.

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1. Best Body Training Plan, Month Two

After a three-minute warm-up, you’ll perform a band exercise then immediately move on to a plyometric exercise. Take all of your plyo sets to absolute failure – meaning you couldn’t possibly do one more – and write down the number of reps. That number will be the goal you want to at least match – or, ideally, beat – during your next workout.

After the plyo move you’ll rest for one minute, then repeat the superset twice before moving on to the next combination. For your shoulders and arms, you’ll do two band moves before hitting the plyometric exercise. Do this workout at least three days a week for four weeks.

  • disqus_Lr2Qbjqfhb

    Do you keep repeating the meal plan rotating from week 1 to week 2 for each month?

  • Michèle

    Where is Month Three? Would it be possible to post it?? I would like to start this program in the new year!

    • Shellie C

      I’ve been looking for it myself. has anyone found month 3?

      • sarah

        Not seeing it either. I’m going to use the same routine as month 2 but with DBs or KBs.

        Any thoughts?

  • Katy Merckel




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