Creative At-Home Workout for Moms Who Can’t Easily Get Out

There’s no reason to not work out just because you can’t make it to the gym.

Andrea Speir | January 04, 2017

Don’t have time to get out of the house to work out or need to get that prenatal workout in? We’ve got you covered with these Pilates-inspired moves you can easily do from home, using only props you most likely already have. Andrea Speir, founder and owner of Speir Pilates in Santa Monica, California, takes you through her go-to prenatal workout she is practicing in her second trimester. Ready to get sweaty? 

Andrea Speir is the creator of the Speir Method and founder and owner of Speir Pilates in Santa Monica, California, one of the most well-reviewed studios on the West Coast. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Attitude Lifts

    Find any chair from your house. Hold on to the back edge for balance as you place a roll of toilet paper (great for grip!) behind one knee. Holding on the chair with both hands, lift your leg up to a turned-out position behind you. Pulse your leg up and down (about a 5-inch range). This strengthens the gluteus medius, or side of the booty. This move will tighten and lift the outer hips and backside, and it helps support your lower back for all that moms find themselves doing.

    15 reps per leg, two sets

  • Oblique Push-Up

    Start in a flat palm plank position. Do one push-up, then twist your body to face one side and reach up for the sky with the outside hand, holding for five seconds. Return to the plank position and do another push-up. Twist in the other direction and hold a side plank for five seconds.

    10 reps

  • Plie Squat

    Hold on to the back of the chair with one hand and step out into a wide turned-out position. With the other hand resting on your waist, lower into a deep plié (or squat) position and pulse down and up. This move builds fantastic strength in the quads, calves, and inner and outer thighs, and it helps promote not just svelte muscle but also great circulation, sleep and metabolic burn.

    30 reps

  • Single-Leg Roll-Up

    Lie on your back with one foot tucked under the couch and the other leg extended long above the couch. Roll up and reach for your toes and roll back down to your shoulder tips. This tightens and tones the deep transverse abdominal muscles, giving great strength and a great look.

    10 reps, one set per leg

  • Switch Jumps

    Step one foot forward and lower into a deep lunge, raising your opposite arm at a bent 90-degree angle. Jump and switch legs in the air, cutting the other arm up by your face and landing with the other foot forward in a jump. Continue switch jumping for 30 seconds with no break to get a great burst of cardio and warm up your body.

    30-second reps

  • Triceps Dips

    Sit at the edge of the couch or a chair, with your feet hip-with apart and parallel on the floor and knees bent. Hold on to the edge and bring your hips off to hover. Lower and lift, hugging your elbows in toward each other as if hugging a beach ball behind you. This move strengthens the arms, lats, traps, back, and basically all the muscles a mom needs to lift baby gear, babies, kiddos and the works.

    10 reps, three sets

  • Free-Weight Series

    Using 2- to 3-pound weights (or soup cans from the kitchen), stand with your feet hip-width apart and parallel, bend at the waist to lean slightly forward, and reach your arms straight up behind your body. [Variation 1] Pulse your arms up and down (5 inches or so) to target and tone the triceps. [Variation 2] Bend at the elbow and bring your arm in toward your body and extend your arm back to straight.

    20 reps per arm, three sets of each variation