Gain Power and Strength With These Slam-Ball Exercises

Take a break from dumbbells and grab a slam ball for a full-body workout.

Heather Wilson-Phillips | January 04, 2017

We’ve all wanted to try something new in the gym, but whether it’s inexperience or convenience, we usually go back to the workouts we are use to. Slam balls are very similar to medicine balls and are an effective and simple way to spice up your routine. Grab a slam ball to replace dumbbells or kettlebells for some added weight and resistance and gain some real power and strength for a dynamic full-body workout.

Perform the following exercises in a circuit to keep your heart rate up throughout your entire workout. Rest for 30 to 45 seconds between each set.




Ball Slam



Ball Squat and Overhead Press



Alternating Slam-Ball Push-Up


10 (5 on each side)

Slam-Ball V-Up



Heather Wilson-Phillips is a fitness model and transformation coach. She’s a TV host for Fierce N’ Fit Workouts, owner of the Fitness Empire and creator of the Fierce N’ 30 Challenge. Wilson-Phillips is a certified fitness and nutrition coach, lifestyle and weight management specialist, sports nutritionist, group fitness instructor and personal fitness chef.

  • Alternating Slam-Ball Push-Up

    Start in a push-up position with the slam ball directly under the palm of one hand and the floor under your other hand. Complete a full push-up in this position and then roll the ball over to your opposite hand to repeat the same motion. Make sure your core is tight and your back is flat while performing this exercise.
  • Ball Slam

    Begin with both hands on the slam ball and feet shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms up over your head. Engage your core and use all your force to slam the ball to the floor directly in front of you. Drop into a deep squat to retrieve the ball and return to the starting position.
  • Ball Squat and Overhead Press

    Begin with both hands on the slam ball. Go down into a squat with your feet shoulder-width apart. As you come up from your squat, press the ball up over your head. Repeat this move.
  • Slam-Ball V-Up

    Lie on your back with your feet straight on the floor. Grab the slam ball with both hands and place it over your head. Engage your core and raise your torso and legs simultaneously to touch the slam ball with your feet. Slowly lower back down toward the floor and repeat this movement.