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Get Your Best Body!


Get your best body in 90 days! Our three-month training program and meal plan will burn fat, build muscle and transform your body.

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Month One

This month, we give you the first four weeks of an amazing 12-week training program that you can do in your living room. Combine it with our high-protein meal plan and nothing can stop you from getting the body of your dreams!

Back to Basics

In Month 1, we start at the beginning with body weight–only exercises. It’s important to remember that during theses first four weeks, you need to take your sets to failure – the point at which you can’t squeeze out another rep. It doesn’t do you any good to stop at, say, 15 reps when you could have repped out 20. What incentive does your body have to transform if it’s not challenged?

You’ll also want to keep track of the repetitions you eke out because the next time you attempt the same exercise, your goal will be to top that by at least one rep, or perhaps finish the same amount of reps in less time. Every single session, you’ll be trying to improve your performance.

The Extended Set

Transitioning mid-workout from one exercise to a modified, slightly easier version – so that you can continue to perform more reps after initial fatigue – is not only simple, but in fact, it’s extremely effective. It’s called an “extended set,” and we’ll be using the technique in these first four weeks.

Here’s an example of an extended set of push-ups:

  1. Start off with the standard push-up, with your toes on the floor, legs straight and arms extended.
  2. When you reach muscle fatigue (even if it’s after only one or two reps), immediately drop your knees to the floor and continue repping.
  3. Once you reach failure again, finish off the set with incline push-ups, with your hands on a bench or chair and your knees or feet on the floor. This is the easiest variation of the three.

By the time you finish your first extended set, you should already feel your arms, shoulders and chest burning beyond what you would normally feel after a regular set of just about any chest or upper-body exercise.

Ready to get started? Get the Best Body Challenge: Month One workout.

  • Jess bruno

    I am going to do this.

  • Sara

    Do you guys ever do vegetarian meal plans? I would love to try the program but am a vegetarian.

    • Chandra Webb

      Did you ever get a reply? I’m vegetarian also and overlook the meal plans because they don’t apply to me.

      • Sara

        I never got a reply Chandra. :(

    • Janet Jenkins

      Try sending them a Tweet or a Facebook message.

  • Lucy Sanchez

    I’m doing this, starting 06/03/2013. Wish me luck !

    • Diane

      I’m starting this on the same day, too! Good luck to you!

  • Jodie

    Do you have a downloadable training plan chart. I can’t seem to find it. I found month one and two but not three.


  • Jenn Wallace

    I want to start this tomorrow! I’m pesco-vegetarian – what are some substitutions I can make or is there a vegetarian meal plan??

  • Masey Apple

    I started this on 6/18 and can I say my knees are killing me. The wall squats are what did it to me. I couldn’t even finish my 2nd set:( Need to pick up my game and get on it.

    • Lisha

      Have you lost any weight so far ?

  • disqus_Lr2Qbjqfhb

    When would be the best time to workout inbetween the meal plan? Before dinner?

  • cgal

    Can you still do cardio during this training? What should be an ideal plan with cardio with this training for the week? I am hoping to start this training on 7/15/13

  • cgal

    where is the training plan for month 3?

  • cgal

    where is the training log for month 3???

  • Sarah

    I’ve started this today. :) I’m actually skinny fat and underweight rather than overweight, so the muscle building is crucial to me as opposed to loads of cardio. Also, I’m not sure within the first couple of weeks whether its a good idea to do the plan on consecutive days? It doesn’t say anywhere if it should be completed consecutively or not. Also the downloadable chart is there, you click on the red hyperlink just above the final two downloads. Determined to change from negative hating attitude towards my body to a positive one, and that has started today. :) Good luck to all.

    • Emily

      I’m starting this tomorrow and wanted to wish you good luck since I saw you’re in a similar boat that I am with being underweight & skinny fat and not overweight (actually I’m very underweight from recently overcoming a two year long battle with disordered eating) and trying to have a positive attitude towards my body by eating healthy & gain weight & hopefully build back the muscle that got completely eaten away! I’m so excited to start and let me know how it works out for you!! Good Luck! :-)

      • Laura

        how did this workout for you?

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  • Rene

    Where can I get the Workout Chart for Month 3?

    • Laura

      its on month three just click through the pictures

  • KatKir

    I noticed the calories are between 1500-1700. This freaks me out. I lost 20 pounds by counting cals at 1200/day. Now I’m not as strict as I was and have gained inches and about 8 pounds back. Will I loose the weight and inches I want to get back off by eating this much food?

    • Olivia Belanger-Mathieu

      Hi Katkir! Although I am not an expert, usually for these types of workouts (or any physical activity really) you need at least that amount of calories. I have read this and seen this over and over in Oxygen mag and other fitness related sources. 1,200
      Calories is definitely not enough!

  • Dolly

    Iv done this training & I look lean & toned. I feel great & strong & my strength is excellent too.
    Thankyou for the advice & pictures & the log.

    • Kathy Frigon

      Awesome!!!! so glad to hear from someone who actually did it!! I realy like the was the plan is laid out…I’m going for it.

  • Sarah

    There is no longer access to the meal plans/shopping list. Can we get that back please?

  • Rebecca Snow

    Links are broken

  • Megan

    Does anyone have the meal plan and training log in pdf already? The link is still down.

  • Vanessa

    Where is the training log for month three?

  • Tanya

    Thank you, Thank you! for putting the plans back up!

  • Rosa

    I started this last week. Weird to star in the middle of the month, I know, but that was when my previous 6 week circuit was up. I missed a work out yesterday & forgot to measure myself so I might take next week as my official start.

    • Laura

      did you stick with the plan, how are your results?

  • Sheryl Vegas Dowling

    Vegetarian version?

  • Amy

    Month three of the training program is right above the “Download The Meal Plan” box on the 3rd page. Just click on the red highlighted part that says “Best Body Challenge: Month Three”

  • Kim

    Starting this tomorrow! I’m not overweight, just need to tone and get back into shape. This looks more doable than all the cardio DVD’s out there. Plus I have hip bursitis so using my body weight makes more sense to me right now.

  • Renae

    Do you do all 4 set of the exercise before moving on to the next exercise?

  • sarah

    do you have a vegan alternative

  • Nicole Ellerker

    I can’t download the workout log or anything ? What’s going on??

  • Alicia Ault

    Are the links no longer up for this 90 plan?

  • IisLand Barbiee

    Is there a way these links can be activated again?

  • Laura Diggens-Dow

    Printed everything off. Took a ” before” Selfie * shivers* and lets see where 90 days takes this 46 yr old.

    • Kathy Frigon

      How are you making out with this plan Laura? I want to start this week. I’m signing up at the gym tomorrow :)

    • Kathy Frigon

      And I can relate…I’m turning 43 next week. I used to be in superbe shape 3-4 years ago…then I lost my Mo-Jo…not sure if it was nearing 40′s but I felt an energy sapping like never before. But I’m ready to commit again, and I went through this plan and it looks do-able just hope my energy will “be there” for me. Wish me luck, and I’d love to hear how you’re doing :)

    • elizabeth

      Did you see results?

  • Rachel

    How many reps are you supposed to do for each set??

  • Rachel

    How many reps am I supposed to do for each set?? First month btw

    • Laura

      I think they would like you to do 4 ideally since thats whats in the chart, but I think 3 is good, and if you can do 4 go for it.

  • Tiffany

    Is there a meal plan and grocery list for Month 3?

  • Nature Baby

    So where did everyone go?..the earliest post is a month ago! Lol, I hope you didn’t all die doing this challenge! Lol..
    I’d love to hear from any of you who have done it all. Was it do-able or realistic? Were there great results?

    I used to always be 130ish lbs but after my 3 rd baby I was 233 Lbs! Every pregnancy I gained exactly 92 lbs!!! Lost most of it and was pregnant again and back up again in weight. But an added 92 lbs is another whole person! I didn’t eat junk food but I craved everything under the sun! Lol… and lots of it!
    Well one day I had it…I was done feeling out of breath all of the time and this wasn’t my usual body so I took that pic. below with my son and I set my mind to get my body back… but more so my health!
    I couldn’t do anything other than walk…so I walked with my baby in the stroller. I tackled the steep hills on days that I felt strong and energetic. I’d stop midway and then continue. But one day…I made it non-stop! Woohoo!
    I also decided to only eat one helping…not go up for seconds. Done.
    So now I was walking and eating only 1 serving at meal time. Oh any no heavy snacking.
    Now I was gonna start on my elliptical at home ( I was too embarrassed to go to the gym)…high intensity for 20 mins. That’s all the time I could give up in my day. 1st thing in the morning before my 3 children woke up. 5 am was the only time I could find…done. 5 days a wk and weekends off.
    Then I started strength training Mon, Weds and Thurs., just the basics on my home gym set that I had from years ago. Still did the job!
    6 wks later….pic below with my sons. Baby still pretty much looks the same but I didn’t!
    That’s it….no gimmick,no diets, no fads, no starving…just plain motivation and moving every day.
    Here’s the cliche….”if I can do it…I know anyone else can if you set your mind to do it.”
    I’d love to encourage you and support you on your journey if anyone needs the extra friend.
    Have an awesome day everyone!

    Me before babies (beware ladies! lol)
    Me pregnant obviously, lol
    My “that’s it!” moment
    6 wks late…yeah!
    and me now…age 46, almost 47.

  • Noah

    try http://www.weightlossnutrition.co.za to balance your workout and nutrition. Vegetarian meal plans available.

  • Dana

    Where can I get some of these recipes for month 2? The Scrambled Egg White Pizza, One-Dish Baked Omelette and the Egg White Strata with Spinach.

    • Jenny

      This is what I’m wondering, too! Can’t find the recipes for these anywhere…

      • Dana

        I found them! I can share if you want

        • Jenny

          That would be so great, thank you!
          Do you have links to post or how would it work? :)

          • Dana

            I hope those help! I have the other one I saved as a screenshot on my tablet. Give me a day or two and I will post it. It’s from another website, and I can’t remember where it was.

      • Dana

        “One-Dish Baked Omelette”, was basically 1 egg, 2 egg whites, 1 tbsp skim milk, 1 tbsp low-fat cottage cheese, 1/2 cup low sodium turkey bacon, 1/4 diced tomato, dash of salt and pepper and green onion garnish. These ingredients were all combined and baked
        in the oven at 375 degrees for 35 minutes then served with 2 slices of whole grain toast.


        • Jenny

          Thanks so much Dana, really appreciate it! :)

  • Jenny

    I’ve been doing this challenge for little more than 4 weeks (with exercise 3 times/week as there’s just no time for more!) and so far I’ve only lost 3.3 kg (7.3 pounds)…. As a starting weight of 75.6 kg (11 stones) I think is a pretty low weight loss :(
    The challenge has taken up so much of my time so it doesn’t feel too motivating at the moment, but I do feel so much better, my stomach works better and I don’t feel bloated like a balloon like I used to. It also feels really good to know that I’m eating healthy and clean food :-)

    • JM

      Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. You are doing great!

  • AJJ

    I want to join this challenge next week. Is anyone doing this now? I would love the moral support!

    • Jessica Pages

      I am wanting to start this but dont know where the month 3 training plan is……

      • AJJ

        I found it! I clicked to Month three and it’s hiding in a link reference :)


      • AJJ

        When are you planning to start? I need a week to get myself prepared. I have a busy week at work so I won’t have many shopping opportunities thus wee unfortunately. I want to start next Monday 4/28/2014

  • Jessica Pages

    Starting this TOMORROW!!

  • sherrie

    I need help with the 90 day fitness challenge you have available

  • Kristi

    Links are invalid for ALL downloads..

    • Oxygen Admin

      Hi Kristi, something crashed the site and all the links are broken. We’re working quickly to get this resolved. Thanks!

  • Gizem Cevizli

    I’m planning to go on this programme tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing this, I believe it’ll be very helpful for countless people and utterly life-changing.

  • Anna berglund

    how many servings is for each dinner, lunch and breakfast?

  • carly

    Hey, I’m just finishing up month one, I’m able to complete all 4 sets of exercises and only twice I could only do 2 sets, I’m sticking to the diet (3 cheat days) but I’ve not lost any weight, my belly seems to be getting bigger where as I can start to see definition in my legs and arms. I’m just concerned that my waist is getting larger, is this normal?? If I carry on with the training and diet will my belly get smaller? Help!

  • Guest





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