Got IT Band Pain? Try These 6 Warm-Up Exercises

If you've been trying to foam-roll your IT band pain away, stop right there. These six stretches and exercises will do you more good than foam rolling alone.

Total-Body Workouts for Women

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The 28-Day New Year Kick-Start Workout Plan

Looking to jump-start your fitness goals in the new year? Commit yourself to this four-week workout plan to take you into 2022 feeling stronger, leaner and more mobile.

Over the course of this plan, you’ll use elements of progressive overload, compound movements, functional training, mobility and stabilization exercises to create an amazing base for your goals this year no matter where you’re at now.

The foundation of the program includes three strength-based days and two metabolic conditioning (metcon) and mobility days per week. Below you’ll find four weeks of workouts, but this could easily be turned into an eight-week program — more on that later.

To get the most out of this plan, I recommend taking two full rest days each week so you can fully recover and move on to the next week well-rested. These two rest days will allow your muscles to repair and replenish glycogen stores and prevent injuries. Remember, more is not always better. 

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