Are You Addicted to Exercise?

Considering that most people could stand to be more active, the idea of an exercise addiction may seem odd. Not only is it possible, but it also can be dangerous. 

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Lean Out and Muscle Up Meal Plan

Winter may be creeping in fast, but that doesn’t give you the green light to fatten up and prepare for hibernation. Quite the opposite, in fact — sticking to your health and fitness routine through the holidays and cold weather season can help you come out on the other side better than ever. And trust us, when it’s time to peel off the layers and reveal your hard work, you’ll be glad you stuck to it while everyone else was overindulging.

This two-month no-fail meal plan will set you up for success in 2021. It’s packed with nutritious and satisfying meals and snacks designed to ramp up muscle accrual while keeping fat in check. And to keep things simple and affordable, you will repeat days every other week to take advantage of bulk cooking and meal-prep techniques.

Every week consists of two different meal schedules that you will alternate every other day. On Sundays, you can choose to follow either Plan A or Plan B of that week and replace one meal with a treat meal. Remember, it’s not a free-for-all, though. It’s one meal, not an entire day. Use it to enjoy a special occasion, holiday, date night or night out with friends. When the week is over, move to the next set of meal plans and so on and so forth. Here is an example:

Week 1

Monday: Plan A
Tuesday: Plan B
Wednesday: Plan A
Thursday: Plan B
Friday: Plan A
Saturday: Plan B
Sunday: Treat Day! Follow either Plan A or Plan B and swap one meal for the treat meal of your choice!

Every other week, you’ll repeat the same schedule of meal plans from two weeks prior like this:

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