How to Harness Female Physiology for Peak Training Performance

Truth: Men and women are different. But you can use those gender differences to your advantage and get a leg up on the boys.

Workouts for Women

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All About That Bass: HIIT Squad

Challenging weight-training exercises like the squat build muscle in all the right places, while intensive cardio training can strip away the fat. So why not combine them for the best glute-shaping, get-lean benefits of both in one amazing, 18-minute HIIT glute workout?

That’s what certified health coach, personal trainer and IT health-care consultant Kelly Von Schleis did — with booty-shaking results. “I tested this workout with a friend of mine over the weekend and our glutes were sore for three days,” she says. “It was great!”

The session pairs high-intensity interval training (or HIIT for short) with interesting squat variations to keep your muscles guessing at every turn as to what’s coming at them next. “These back-to-back timed exercises will torch calories and get those feel-good endorphins pumping in about 20 minutes,” Von Schleis explains.

Here, you’ll do three types of squats interspersed with three cardio activities for 45 seconds each, resting 15 seconds between each. Run through all six moves three times, then hit the showers — you’ll need it.

Why HIIT instead of more traditional longer-duration cardio? “High-intensity interval training is incredibly effective, and you even get an extra boost of additional caloric burn throughout the day following your workout,” she says. “I always feel great after my HIIT workouts, and they are the perfect quick sweaty sesh to squeeze into my busy work schedule. Let’s face it — we don’t always want to be slaying a workout for 60-plus minutes! It’s nice to get it in and done.”

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