4 Fitness Goals to Shake Up Your Routine

Add some excitement (and a new challenge!) to your workouts by tackling one of these out-of-the-box fitness goals.

Total-Body Workouts for Women

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Total-Body Parallel Bar Workout

If nothing else, 2020 has taught us to be creative with our workouts and that even the simplest equipment can deliver big results. This workout, designed by Oxygen coach and all-around badass Amber Dodzweit Riposta, leverages these groovy Lebert EQualizer bars and is designed to torch calories, shred your core and carve out head-to-toe definition — using nothing but your bodyweight! “Performing certain movements outside the gym can be challenging,” Lebert ambassador Riposta says. “But using equipment like these bars, you can build muscle and increase definition — without lifting a single dumbbell.”

The Workout Perform each more for 30 seconds and then rest 30 seconds. Repeat each set three to five times through.

Set 1 Exercise Seconds Dip to Pike Hold 30 Alternating Reverse Lunge to Incline Push-Up 30 Rest 30 Set 2 Exercise Seconds Pull-Up With Alternating Knee Lift 30 Oblique Twist 15 (each side) Rest 30 Set 3 Exercise Seconds Triceps Extension 30 Elevated Plank Knee-to-Chest 30 Rest 30

Dip to Pike Hold Set the bars parallel to one another and stand in between them. Take an overhand grip on the bars with your arms straight, then bend your knees and lift your feet so you’re suspended between the bars. Keep your core tight and your chest lifted as you bend your elbows and lower into a dip, descending until your arms make 90-degree angles. Then straighten your arms to full extension and extend your legs in front of you so they are parallel with the floor. Hold briefly and then return to the start.

Amber’s Advice: Make sure your arms are straight but not locked during the pike hold to protect your elbow joints.

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