40-Minute Step HIIT Workout

High-top sneaks and slouchy socks? We’ll go ahead and leave those in the past. But 20 years after taking the group fitness world by storm, the step is still making us sweat.

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Total-Body Mobility Circuit

Tabata is not just for high-intensity interval training — this routine uses it to mobilize and elongate.

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The Superhero Workout

You may not be able to fly or melt a car with a stare, but you can master these seven super skills and level up from mere mortal to mistress of the universe.

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The Skinny on Getting Lean

These nine simple nutrition and training tips could make or break your body-composition goals.

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Take Your Workout To The Next Level

With only a few minutes of preparation, you can improve each workout, lift heavier, train longer and get greater results by using these five warm-up protocols.

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3 Stretches to Avoid

Three stretches you should never do — and what to do instead.


Red Pepper Chickpea Salad Recipe

Combining red peppers and chickpeas creates a tag-team effect that helps boost energy levels.


5 Ways to Use Parsnips

As is evident from their silhouette, parsnips are a close relative of carrots but with a sweeter, nuttier taste.

Meal planning

The Any-Goal Meal Plan

Whether you want to lean out, build muscle or break a personal record, tweaking your macronutrient ratios can give you the edge you want.

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How to Make A Fitness Resume

Approach your health as you would your career and achieve your goals faster.

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Jelayne Shelton: Saying Aloha to Better Health

Jelayne Shelton traded a grim outlook for a healthy lifestyle to become an inspirational influencer.

Koya Webb

Koya Webb’s 2 Mood-Setting Playlists

These tunes will get you in the right frame of mind for your next workout or meditation.

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7 Habits That Age You

Sneaky things you’re doing regularly could be making you age faster. Find out what they are and learn how to tweak your habits to be more age-friendly.

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From A(cne) to Z(its): All About Skin Breakouts

Pimple. Blemish. Zit. Breakout. No matter how you refer to your lumps and bumps, we can all agree on one thing: Acne is the absolute pits.


Mindfulness Over Matter

Starting the day with a moment of Zen can clear your head, but what can it do for your body?