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5 Healthy Freezer-Friendly Meals

Health experts are quick to advise you to eat more nutrient-dense foods, but during the winter, most imported fruits and veggies are subpar: They’re picked before they’re fully ripe — and are shockingly expensive. Time to peruse the freezer section.

Now, before you give frozen produce the cold shoulder, consider this: Frozen fruits and vegetables are cheaper and just as nutritious (if not more so) than their fresh counterparts. Modern flash-freezing techniques preserve their nutrients, and most companies freeze their items within hours of harvesting. Think of it as Mother Nature’s pause button. What’s more, you’ll save on food prep — since frozen produce is already chopped, pitted and peeled — and will cut back on food waste since you don’t have to worry about eating your greens before your veggie drawer turns into a Petri dish.

Take a dive into the deep freeze and see how these reliable frozen staples can heat up your favorite meals this winter.

Frozen Food Rules

From store to stove-top, here’s how to choose and use your frozen assets.

Give it a squeeze. You should be able to feel the individual contents in each bag. Packages that feel like a block of ice indicates that the product has been thawed and refrozen at least once, leading to degraded food quality.

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