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Partner Workout: Get to the “Core” of It All

Every relationship needs a solid foundation. Practice these exercises as a couple to strengthen your core.
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You and your partner know the importance of a solid foundation in keeping your relationship strong. Likewise, in your health and fitness, a strong core is essential to allow your body to move effortlessly in the gym and throughout your day. More and more couples are seeing the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle together, and that includes exercise. So let’s start on the right foot with some great partner exercises that you can do together to help build a strong core, the foundation to a healthy physique. Do these exercises together and you will both notice an improvement — in the gym and everywhere else.


High-Five Plank


30-46 seconds

Sit-Up Ball Pass


15-20 reps

Partner Leg Toss


10-12 reps

Partner Leg Circle


30-45 seconds

Squatted Rotation Ball Pass


10-12 reps

Perform this core-strengthening workout with your partner in a circuit style for a real challenge!

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