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Koya Webb

Koya Webb's Wellness Warrior Workout

Meet Koya Webb — former track athlete, longtime yogi and your next Oxygen coach! Learn about the twists, turns, injuries and breakthroughs that have shaped her career — and her life.

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Tonyael Miller: Mind-Body Transformation

Having dropped 30 pounds, Tonyael Miller is now inspiring others to get healthy.


4 Mental Strategies for Fitness Success

Use these winning strategies to sideline mental obstacles such as self-doubt, perfectionism and procrastination and sharpen your competitive — and winning — edge.


Cardio and Resistance Training: Water Workout

Take advantage of the warm end-of-summer weather with this pool-based routine.

Psoas Stretch

5 Yoga Moves to Ease Pain

Find relief in these quick and easy yet effective yoga practices.

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7 Smart and Healthy BBQ Swaps

Transform your end-of-summer barbecue menu with these healthy swaps guests will love.

Woman doing skincare in the mirror

From A(cne) to Z(its): All About Skin Breakouts

Pimple. Blemish. Zit. Breakout. No matter how you refer to your lumps and bumps, we can all agree on one thing: Acne is the absolute pits.

Woman running outdoors in water

The Skinny on Getting Lean

These nine simple nutrition and training tips could make or break your body-composition goals.

rest day

The Truth About Rest Days

It’s time to take a day off — here's why you need rest days in your training routine.

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5 Tips to Rev Up Your Metabolism

There are a handful of practices you can incorporate into your lifestyle to help rev your metabolism.


Food Guide for Sustainability

Make meals that have less impact on the environment in six easy steps.

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Watermelon’s Wow Factor

Boost your nutrition with these five refreshing summertime recipes.


Brianna Bernard: 100-Pound Weight-Loss Transformation

For Brianna Bernard, the journey of losing 100 pounds began in the checkout line.

workout twice a day

Double Dipping: Is Working Out Twice a Day Right for You?

The answer isn’t quite so cut and dry, but here are the pros and cons to working out twice a day.


Megan Thibault: Overcoming Weight Cycling Through Lifting

After years of weight losses and gains, Megan Thibault finally found balance.

Young couple shopping for vegetables in the grocery store

Oxygen's Guide to Pesticides in Produce

Does your salad come with a side of DDT? Here’s the 411 on the cleanliness of your fruits and veggies to help you best invest your produce dollars.

Young woman smiling at her phone while working out

How to Make A Fitness Resume

Approach your health as you would your career and achieve your goals faster.


Tia-Clair Toomey: Three-Time CrossFit Champion

Learn why three-time consecutive CrossFit women’s champion Tia-Clair Toomey always trains for the unknown.


Spring-Clean Your Energy

Creating sacred spaces in your bedroom, living room and kitchen also can declutter your mind and cleanse your spirit.


Does Fasted Cardio Really Burn More Fat?

Two trainers go head-to-head in a discussion on this oft-debated protocol.

Woman doing a mountain climber in the gym

3 Ways to Boost Brain Health

Find out how athletes, college students and gamers are gaining a mental edge over the competition.

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3 Tips to Start Foam Rolling

The foam roller may be the solution for all the aches and pains you've been feeling lately.

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Julie Kelly's 175-Pound Weight-Loss Transformation

Julie Kelly lost 175 pounds and finally realized her long-standing goals.

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Juline Gurney: Honoring Her Son's Memory

After a heart-wrenching tragedy, Juline Gurney lost 50 pounds and regained her life.

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Train Your Brain for Peak Performance

Gain the competitive advantage you’re seeking on and off the field by pairing mental stimulation with physical activity.


3 Valentine’s Day Recipes to Love

It’s time to change things up by creating homemade treats prepared with an extra helping of love.

table sugar

Your Ultimate Guide to Sugar

Don’t be confused by all the sweeteners available on the market — learn which sugar is the healthiest and which you should avoid.

Anna Monaco, Oxygen Challenge 5 Category Winner

Meet The Oxygen Challenge 5 Category Winners

Meet the women who won OC5's four newly created divisions — Best Team Player/Motivator, Best Masters Athlete (40+), Fittest Mom and Biggest Transformation.

pile squat

9 Ways to Climb Out of a Fitness Rut

Are you able to do your workouts with your eyes closed? It’s time to shake things up.


The Comeback Kid: From Eating Disorder to Personal Trainer

Haley Brennan battled a binge-eating disorder and returned to fitness stronger than ever.


Should I Hire an Online Fitness Coach?

Use this guide to help you decide whether a virtual trainer is right for you.


11 Tips to Increase Your Possibility for Success

Use these 11 simple steps to control your thoughts and behavior — for the better.

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7 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without Blowing Your Fitness Goals

Enjoy yourself without dreading the aftermath this holiday season.

Injured female runner

Am I Injured or Just Sore?

Properly identifying the pain and symptoms can help you assess the next steps with your workout routine.


Stop the Self-Sabotage

Use these techniques to reprogram your neural brain circuitry for success.


7 Surefire Ways to Beat Holiday Hibernation

Straying from your healthy routine is a seasonal hazard — but not if you follow these simple tips.

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Lucy Hilton: Finding Her Fitness Sweet Spot

After decades of one step forward and two steps back, Lucy Hilton finally found her stride.

Mushroom powder in bowl

Top 5 Recovery Powders for Athletes

When it comes to recovery, protein is not the only gain in town.

Rosemary-lemon-rubbed turkey with caramalized onion and garlic gravy.pic_preview

Gobble Up This Guilt-Free Thanksgiving Feast

These lighter Thanksgiving recipes are so darn tasty, even your pickiest family members won’t complain.

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7 Kitchen Hacks to Keep Overeating at Bay

Learn how modifying your environment can distract you from temptations and overeating.

next-level moves 1

3 Next-Level Moves

Looking to challenge yourself without simply lifting heavier? We’ve got you covered.

Plank With Medicine Ball promo image

How to Do a Medicine-Ball Plank

Take your plank — and your core — to the next level with this stability move.

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Margaret Koukos: Wise Beyond Her Years

Seventeen-year-old Margaret Koukos overcame years of childhood struggles to find a new passion in fitness.

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Karen Hill Meyer: "Actually, I Can"

After decades of misdiagnoses, Karen Hill Meyer can now run free.

Solo biking in a field

5 Health Benefits of Solitude

A little time alone can make a big impact on your day.


The Healing Power of Mushrooms

Move over bone broth, ancient grains and kimchi — a not-so-new food is stealing your crown.


The Real Wonder Woman: Ashley Nelson

A horrible accident left Ashley Nelson partially paralyzed and with a brain injury — but even that couldn't quell her competitive spirit.

runner stretch Katie Austin

5 Tips for Ultra-Fast Workout Recovery

From CBD creams to stretching, trainer and health coach Katie Austin shares her secrets.

Woman training outdoors

HIIT Your Hormones

Research indicates that high-intensity interval training is one of the best activities for fat burning, but new research also indicates that it affects the primary hormones that drive your physiology — and which can make or break your results.

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4 Cool Summertime Snacks

These summertime snacks are all gluten- and dairy-free, can be made in less than 15 minutes, and can be stored in your freezer.