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Women Strong 2019

These seven athletes have faced life challenges with strength and vigor — from pushing through patriarchy to overcoming eating disorders. Meet our 2019 Women Strong team.


15 Mother's Day Gifts for Fit Moms

Get the perfect gift for the health-minded mom in your life! These items were hand-picked by our Brand Director and Editor-in-Chief Lara McGlashan as things she herself would love to get for Mother’s Day (hint hint). Check them out!

Medicine-Ball Triceps Push-Up for Medicine Ball Refresher Course

Refresher Course: Medicine Ball

Medicine balls help develop explosive power and rotational trunk strength, while also training you to absorb and redirect force, improving athletic performance and allowing you to project that power in every plane of motion.


Wonder Women: Erin Stern

Division I track athlete and two-time Figure Olympia champion opens up about her enduring love of track, the practice of gratitude and her weekly self-care indulgence.

Barbell Front Squat

Refresher Course: Barbell

Barbells are super versatile and can be used to hit every major bodypart. In fact, with nothing more than a bar, some plates and a bench, you can easily assemble an effective full-body program — no gym required.


Five Ways to Recover Mentally

Recovery days should be as mental as they are physical. Here are five ways to recharge your brain — as well as your body — and redirect your fitness compass toward success.