Lauren Findley

Lauren Findley

Lauren Findley in a long-time athlete and fitness competitor who strives to be a light to anyone who may need motivation, inspiration, or a little extra push. Positivity is everything.

Growing up, Lauren was always an athlete. She played basketball from middle school until her senior year of high school and ran Division 1 Track and Field in college. When her career was over following college, she gravitated toward the gym. Being someone who was always regimented with practices, meets, etc. she needed something to keep my accountable. She also decided to begin competing in figure competitions and two years later, won the overall at her show. Findley says falling in love with health and fitness has been the greatest thing to ever happen to her, and she loves that she is able to share her journey and connect with so many people online.

Areas of Expertise:

Training and inspiring women to be strong and confident.

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing that there are people out there who are unable to workout, walk, run or be active at all.

Why do you love to sweat? 

There is no better way to relive stress than by getting in the gym and sweating it out. The feeling of endorphins flowing after a great workout is the greatest feeling EVER!

What words do you live by? 

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

What makes you a kick-a$$ Oxygen Ambassador?

I live and breathe this lifestyle, I am all about spreading positivity & inspiring women to be their best.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Being a woman who is a bit more muscular, it is so important to me to spread the message that all body types are to be celebrated, and that you CAN train like a best and still be feminine!