Margret Gnarr

Margret Gnarr

Margret Gnarr is a personal trainer, fitness model, IFBB World Champion and four-time IFBB Pro Champion. She has a black belt in Taekwondo and describes herself as a body-positive, down-to-earth bikini athlete.

Margret has always been very active. She spent her childhood doing gymnastics, ballet, figure skating and Taekwondo, but had the greatest passion for Taekwondo — which she still practices today. She later entered the bikini fitness world and competed at her first show at the age of 23. Her dream was to be the first Icelander to get an IFBB Pro card and compete at the biggest fitness show of the year, the Olympia. 

After one year of competing, Margret got her IFBB Pro card after winning the 2013 IFBB World Championship. Two years later, she stepped onto the 2016 Olympia stage, completing her long-time dream. She's won four pro shows in her IFBB Pro career, competed three times at the Bikini International at the Arnold Classic, and two times at the Olympia. 

Since, she's stepped away from competing to focus on personal training and empowering women with her message of body positivity on her YouTube channel.

Areas of Expertise:

Personal training, Taekwondo and figure competitions.

What keeps you motivated?

My passion for health and fitness.

Why do you love to sweat? 

I love to sweat because it proves I had an awesome workout!

What words do you live by? 

"Do your best, one day at a time."

What makes you a kick-a$$ Oxygen Ambassador? 

I'm a kick-a$$ Oxygen Ambassador because of my unique background and because of my body positive message!