Nikki Snow

Nikki Snow

Nikki Snow is the co-founder and creator of the PHIT Society podcast, which is changing the narrative of fitness and wellness by creating opportunities, building relationships and taking action to make fitness and wellness a place where we all PHIT. As a former international presenter and national trainer for Les Mills International, she has traveled all over the world filming educational content, presenting master classes and facilitating instructor courses. She currently coaches both individuals and groups using Core Energy Coaching and teaches group fitness classes for Chicago Athletic Clubs. She holds certifications in iPEC Coaching, NLP, Les Mills, TRX, Air Yoga, American Council on Exercise, and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America in group fitness.

Nikki Snow Trailer

Nikki Snow: The Oxygen Challenge 6

Explore your strength and build your self-confidence in Nikki Snow's 90-day Elev8 program. Join Team Nikki for The Oxygen Challenge 6!


Nikki Snow's "Work-In" Challenge for Inner Motivation

Discover two types of motivation — intrinsic and extrinsic — and how they apply to your fitness goals!


How to Use Sliders for Stability Exercises

Ramp up your stability with one of OC6 coach Nikki Snow’s favorite accessories: sliders. And if you don’t have sliders at home, you can use paper plates or hand towels!


Nikki Snow’s Ladder Progression Circuit

Climb up the ladder, see your progress in real time and build endurance with this circuit from Oxygen Challenge 6 coach Nikki Snow.

Drop Set

Nikki Snow’s Drop Set HIIT Circuit

Take a sneak peek at this sample Domin8 Challenge drop set from Nikki Snow’s Elev8 program.

Nikki Theme Song

Nikki Snow: What's Your Theme Song?

For this work-in, Nikki challenges you to choose one song that fires you up, motivates you and, most important, makes you feel confident.

Nikki Snow

Coach Nikki Snow’s 3 Workout Playlists

From upbeat HIIT sessions to chill flow and mobility work, get in the zone with these beats.

Nikki Snow

Elev8 Yourself

This strength workout is sure to shake things up.

Nikki Snow

Put a Stop to Your Negative Narrative

Learn how to stop the cycle of thinking you’re “less than” based on your critical inner dialogue and social media influences.

Braised Chicken Thighs With Lemon and Capers

Coach Nikki’s One-Day Meal Plan

These breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner recipes are sure to tempt your taste buds.

Nikki Snow

Nikki Snow: The Key to Winning

Learn how intrinsic motivation will help you attain and maintain your goals.