Noel Davis

Noel Davis

Ever since she was a little girl, Noel Davis dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. She studied anthropology and geological science at Rutgers University of New Brunswick, and archaeology at Manchester University. After graduating, Noel received a call for her first government project. After a long year of working as an archaeologist, unfortunately, Noel ended up in a traumatic car accident that changed her life. 

Noel lost strength in her back and had to undergo physical therapy for over a year. Never forgetting her first love, archaeology, she persistently asked doctors what she could do so she could excavate again. A doctor advised her to rebuild her core as a way to strengthen her back. At that point, there was hope again! 

While working as an environmental instructor, Noel’s love for health and fitness grew. She then decided to get certified and create her own business, Paris Fit, on September 1, 2017. Now, she owns a fitness studio in Old City, Philadelphia, which recently opened in 2020. Davis plans to expand her fitness journey through online training, hosting community events and more.

Areas of Expertise:

Rehabilitation, strength training and resistance training.

What keeps you motivated?

My clients' goals. As a trainer, I let my clients know their goals are my goals too. Letting people know that you stand behind their goals, and that you care, pushes you to help them meet that goal, and it keeps them motivated to know you're giving them 110% toward what they want.

Why do you love to sweat?

Sweat makes me glow and when I see others glowing it makes me happy because I know, by the end of the workout, they’ll feel good about themselves, just by feeling the sweat drip off their bodies.

What words do you live by?

Fitness is the future.