Rebecca Bowen

Rebecca Bowen

Rebecca Bowen is a certified personal trainer and cheer coach with a passion for health and fitness. Her purpose in life is to help others be the best version of themselves.

Area of Expertise: 

Personal Training


Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Cheer Coach

What keeps you motivated?

My children keep me motivated. I want to be happy, healthy and fit so I can be the best that I can for them!

Why do you love to sweat?

When I sweat, I am giving it my all in the gym. Sweat is the stress of the day leaving my body as I focus on new beginnings. It's my body becoming stronger and determined to reach my goals. To me it symbolizes change mentally and physically.

What words do you live by?

Live each day like its your last.

What makes you a kick-a$$ Oxygen Ambassador? 

I have heart and a passion to help others succeed!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I have faced health issues in my past. I never thought that I could be the person I am today. With will power and determination, I have become stronger than I ever thought possible. Through my own trials, it has put a desire in my heart to help others overcome adversities. Being healthy and strong is a gift, and we all have the will to make changes in our lives. I believe we all reach a point in our lives where we say "enough is enough" and never look back. This is where determination and strength is born. I absolutely love seeing someone become mentally strong and physically stronger from working out and making better choices. My past doesn't define me, it only draws me closer to the woman that I have always wanted to be.