The #OxygenBadassBurpees Challenge


Show Us Your Burpees on Social Media

Want to shape up for summer in short shrift? Then join the exclusive 15-day #OxygenBadassBurpees Challenge. Beginning on May 15, 2018, we’ll give you two burpees (on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) every day for 15 days to incorporate into your routine as best you can. Watch each video carefully and read the descriptions for form and instruction tips, then get to work. Beginners can do one to two sets of five to 10 reps each. More advanced participants can shoot for three sets of 15, 20 or more reps. You also can blend them into your existing exercise program, circuit, metcon or Workout of the Day. Feeling like a total badass? Pair your daily duo into a Tabata — just be sure to have a bucket nearby.

Be a Winner

The first 100 participants to sign up will get a free “Buck Furpees” tank top and a protein powder sample from Paleo Pro! Record yourself doing the burpees and add the hashtag #OxygenBadassBurpees for a chance to be featured on our social media feed and win larger prizes!

Paleo Pro

Challenge the Oxygen Editor-in-Chief

Think your own burpees are more badass than ours? Then challenge our Editor-in-Chief Lara McGlashan to try them out. Record yourself doing five reps of your particular brand of burpee and add the hashtag #ChallengeTheOxyEIC. She will choose several versions per week to attempt and will post her results — good, bad or ugly — for the world to see.

Sign up below, and we’ll see you on the floor!

This contest is now closed.

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