Annie Cooper

Annie Cooper is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, online coach and owner of Tuneintofitness. Health and fitness have always been a large part of Annie’s life. Growing up, she played basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, did gymnastics and danced. But two sports stuck with her the most: competitive cheerleading and track and field. Annie pursued her passion for track and field in college, where she ran for Florida Atlantic University on both the track and cross-country teams. Annie created a business based on her passion and now coaches and trains others in nutrition.Areas of Expertise:Personal training (weight training), nutrition, running, fitness modeling and podcasting.Nutrition Background:Certified Nutritionist (Nesta)What keeps you motivated?My own progress. Seeing how far I’ve come in nine years — when I started my fitness journey — is crazy. I look back at old pictures, and pictures when I thought I was at my best, and I prove to myself that I keep getting better.Why do you love to sweat?It’s the best feeling! It’s euphoric. You do not have to sweat to have a good workout, and I know that. But I like to keep going until I’m drenched, because it’s a whole different feeling of satisfaction — it shows you put in the work.What words do you live by?“You got this” is my motto. I have a fitness accessory company called Fitccessory and inside of each resistance band it says “you got this!”What makes you a kick-a$$ Oxygen Ambassador?I think outside of the box. I like to bring new ideas and showcase fitness and health in a fun and different way! There’s too much of the same information out there, so I like to add my personality and own twist on tips, new workouts, recipes, and more.