Kelly Von Schleis

Kelly Von Schleis is a certified personal trainer and health coach based in Los Angles with experience teaching Pilates, HIIT, and boxing, among other specialties. She’s the creator of LUXEFit, a luxury body transformation app that provides a ‘health coach in your pocket’ to get you looking and feeling your ultimate best. Von Schleis is also recognized for her invigorating 20-Minute HIIT workouts and delicious healthy comfort food recipes.Kelly has been fanatical about athletics and fitness ever since she was a child. “If I had it my way,” Kelly says, “I was on my hands upside down or participating in something of competitive nature.” Some things just don’t change! Von Schleis says her body feels best with movement, and her mind and spirits are most clear and uplifted with an exercise-induced endorphin boost.After working in a sedentary job as a healthcare IT consultant traveling across the US for 12 years, Kelly realized she wasn’t pursing her extreme passion of health and fitness to a level that satisfied her. “I had a driving urge to help others, which is why I got back into the coaching field,” she says.

Areas of Expertise: Personal trainer, health coach, fitness model, recipe developer and health/fitness inspiration.

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal TrainerCertified Health CoachCertified Pilates InstructorBoxing, HIIT, & Strength Training InstructorGymnastics & Flexibility Coach

What keeps you motivated? I know that I feel best when I’m taking care of my mind and body by eating healthy and working out regularly. Group exercise with great music always pumps me up since the energy of these environments gets you in a new zone. I prefer spin, cycling, hot yoga and bootcamp-based classes, and I always mix in something different like beach volleyball, parkour, gymnastics or acro yoga to keep my workouts changing and exciting. I have made exercise and healthy eating part of my lifestyle, so now it comes to me naturally and I feel off if I deviate from my routine for more than a day. Consistency is the key, and then you crave your workouts.

Why do you love to sweat? I love to sweat because it has such a strong, positive effect on my overall mood. It’s incredible how receptive our bodies are to exercise.

What words do you live by? “You’re only one workout away from a good mood!”

What makes you a kick-a$$ Oxygen Ambassador? I’m a kick-a$$ Oxygen Ambassador because I bring added value to the tribe with my unstoppable drive and passion for influencing others on fitness and nutrition with the perspective of enjoying the process!