Michele Sotak

Michele Sotak is a personal fitness coach, fitness model, writer and one of three Elite Master Trainers for Life Fitness & Hammer Strength. Growing up in Illinois, Michele was very active at a young age — particularly in dance and soccer. She graduated college from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She is a former professional dancer for the Chicago Honeybears, and she was the starting kicker and wide receiver for the Chicago Bliss women’s football team in 2009. The following year, she went on to become the official trainer for the team.Her current role as a Life Fitness Academy Elite Master Trainer brings her joy. “I love being a master trainer within the education team at Life Fitness,” Michele said. “Being a leader in this industry, or any organization for that matter, is about making a change for people for the better.”Michele has conducted fitness workshops at many college campuses and can be found demonstrating exercises and workouts on Life Fitness & Hammer Strength’s YouTube channel.Areas of Expertise:Circuit and functional strength training, sculpting, weight loss and sports-specific training.Certifications:Life Fitness Academy Elite Master TrainerNutrition Background:NESTA Nutrition Coach studentAchievements:Trainer to the Stars, including Alex Rodriguez Contributor to, Muscle & Fitness and Muscular Development magazines Appearances on NBC news, WGN news, Comcast Sportsnet and Healthy Living ChicagoBikini Competitor at the NPC National LevelPNBA Pro Bikini Athlete 2015 What keeps you motivated?When people tell me I motivate them to be fit and healthy. Also, to make a positive impact and contribution in this industry that’s booming but not always positive! Especially towards the younger generation.Why do you love to sweat?The sense of triumh at the end of a sweat session, when I know I did something worthwhile and did it well. I showed up for myself and others, because working out ultimately makes me a better person.What words do you live by?The Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated, with respect.”It all comes down to character, that is the most important thing about a person.What makes you a kick-a$$ Oxygen Ambassador?I help women reach their goals and improve their lives with the right approach.