Sarah Hoots

Sarah became a fearless athlete an early age. Until college, she juggled most of her life on the road competing in the equestrian discipline of Three-Day Eventing. This deep love of competition eventually led to weight training, obstacle races, and figure competitions. But it was after needing a break from the four walls of the gym that brought her to the sport of cycling in 2016. After her first race in 2017, she was hooked.Sarah is a cancer survivor at age 28 and left the corporate world to share her passion for changing lives through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Sarah believes in the profound power of an uplifting environment where individuality is celebrated and being fit doesn’t mean fitting in. ​ An avid adventure traveler, she has trekked and explored through much of Europe and South America with hopes of conquering Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro by 2025. Sarah is also a fan of Renaissance History, her Goldendoodle fur baby, and farm to table restaurants.