The Six-Pack Boot Camp Series

Looking to put a little extra effort into training your abs and core? We’ve enlisted the help of ISSA-certified trainer Aneshea Shali, owner of Core Camp Challenge and creator of such other fitness programs as the Dirty 30 Challenge, 7-Day Fit Commit and Full-Body Flex.

In addition to her expertise as a coach, Aneshea is also a former U.S. Marine — and let’s be honest, sometimes you need a little drill-sergeant motivation to tighten up a stubborn midsection.

Six-Pack Boot Camp Workouts

Do one of Aneshea’s Six-Pack Boot Camp routines on its own or add it to any workout in your existing program (whether you do full-body workouts or follow a body part split routine).

All six workouts in this series can be completed in 20 minutes or less, and a vast majority of them require minimal (or no) equipment, so they should be fairly easy to squeeze into your day.