5-Minute Plank Fitness Quest: Midpoint Check-In

Today marks the halfway point of the 5-minute plank Fitness Quest, so make sure your form is on point!

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If you’re checking in to the 5-Minute Plank Fitness Quest today, you should be able to hold a plank for two and a half minutes without breaking form.

For this midpoint check-in, evaluate your form — especially if you’re feeling aches and pains. Planking is all about alignment, so keep your core tight, back straight and elbows below your shoulders. Focus on your breathing; take one deep breath as you press up into your plank, because this will stabilize your form into a proper neutral posture.

Second to form, your mindset is key to a long plank. Play a song that you can really get into! Sometimes staring at a timer can make time drag, so try keeping your attention on something else.

Check out the video below for some more tips from coach Angela Gargano, and get the entire plan here.

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Badassery Badge

Think you’re a badass? Want to take it to the next level?

Doing a standard plank every day can get boring. Boost your badass quotient (and sideline boredom) by choosing two days a week and performing a variation. Plank on your forearms, with one leg lifted, with alternating knee-to-elbow — whatever you can dream up is fair game.

Check out the midpoint and final check-ins with Gargano, and check out more Fitness Quests here!