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Chady Dunmore: “A Different Magazine Cover, A Different Season”

Oxygen coach Chady Dunmore shares life lessons and how she grows from each season.

Gracing the cover of Oxygen magazine is a dream come true, not to mention, landing it more than once! Seeing my covers for the first time still provides a “pinch me” moment. It honestly never gets old!

You may see a fit body, radiant smile and confident woman, but what you don’t see are the struggles it took me to get there and the “failures” I’ve experienced. Many times, I have cried my heart out over life’s not-so-easy seasons. Looking at my various magazine covers, it reminds me of how far I’ve come and that all things are possible! Life is full of seasons, and we need to make the hard one’s work in our favor.

Chady Dunmore Oxygen Magazine cover

My First Cover: Failure Equals Growth

There is quite a stigma around failure, but this entity can be incredibly powerful. Disguised as bad news, rejection, a broken relationship or even a goal not met, failure can rip you apart. But guess what? If you’re not failing, you’re not moving forward. Failure is meant to help you grow, learn and be guided to your purpose.

Take my first Oxygen cover for example. Right before I shot the cover, I had won my very first world title as WBFF pro Bikini champion! Not too bad, huh? But what you don’t know is my home life was falling apart, as I was preparing for a divorce and single motherhood. I had also lost multiple times competing in fitness before that win. I’m not talking third place here. I’m talking second to last! Do you know what was on my mind each time I lost onstage? Winning. I had to take that winning mindset beyond fitness and into my personal life to better myself.

Chady Dunmore Oxygen Magazine cover

My Second Cover: A New Season

As my second Oxygen cover came to pass, an amazing opportunity with the magazine graced my life, along with another first-place world title. But the season in between the first two covers was filled with self-doubt and starting over, as I tried to rebuild my strength. I was a single mom trying to keep up my hustle and prove to myself and others that I could do it. And I did!

Chady Dunmore Oxygen Magazine cover

My Third Cover: Time for Renewal

Real talk: They say when a girl changes her hair, she’s about to change her life! I literally chopped my hair right off. At that point, my home life was great, but I was still a single mother and in search of something I was lacking. I constantly felt anxious—thoughts racing and doubts intruding. I needed some sort of renewal, and this may sound silly, but landing this cover helped with those feelings. I had accomplished something amid my anxiety.

Chady Dunmore Oxygen Magazine cover

My Fourth Cover: Rebirth

I still can’t look at this cover without crying. When I tell you this is more than just a cover, it is! At my lowest moment, under control of another, and after losing myself to something that didn’t define me, I freed myself. I left a situation that was preventing me from flourishing. I look at this cover and know that I’ve been able to stand back up when I’ve been pushed down. This cover has helped me find my voice and has motivated me to help others rise up from defeat. I went through so much to stand back up this time. And I see that every time I look at this cover. 

As cheesy as it may sound, you need to grow through what you go through. I did and I still do. Take the failures, look deep into them, see what you can learn, how can you grow and what needs to change. Make the changes and don’t be afraid to start again.

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