Fast-Track Fitness

Chady Dunmore: Training Is Part of Recreating Who You Are

With each weight you lift, you can create a better version of yourself — not just externally but also internally. Coach Chady Dunmore is here to help you create the very best version of you.

Get Unstuck

Sometimes we get stuck. We’ve all been there — stuck in a toxic relationship, stuck in unhealthy eating habits or stuck in a dead-end mindset. Learn to use these failure-like situations to grow. It’s time to get unstuck. You deserve more than being held back by your own restrictions and limiting beliefs. While you learn to grow from failures, explore where mindset comes from. Has someone else put you down? Has society told you that you aren’t good enough? Reach deep down, explore, find the root issue and then make the change. Only you can do this. No one else can do it for you. I believe in you!

Chady Dunmore motivation

Time to Rebuild

With each workout, you can rebuild. With each rep, you can get unstuck. Working out isn’t just about getting the body you want. It’s about gaining the self-confidence, strength and mental willpower you deserve. If you’ve ever been torn down, you know what it’s like to feel less than. I have certainly felt that way before, and I’m telling you today, time’s up! No more feeling like you don’t deserve this. No more feeling like you can’t do this. Leveling up begins today!

Leveling up means progress. It means moving forward — no matter what that means for you. It can mean completing just one rep — or even showing up to a workout. This is how you move forward. You level up one step at a time. That’s how you make changes to create and rebuild yourself one workout at a time.

“Where Your Eyes Go, Your Bike Goes”

I heard this quote a while back, and it couldn’t be more true! Wherever your focus goes, your life will go. If you apply this concept to your goals and to my program Fast-Track Fitness, you will succeed. Motivation is only temporary, as many of you know. Keeping your eyes on the prize produces consistency. This is why I constantly start over. I constantly have to keep my focus on the lifestyle I want to maintain. And when life hits, which it always does, I can regain focus and start again.

I want to encourage you today to truly strive to be the best version of yourself, to recreate yourself into who and what you want to be. We all have skeletons that can keep us hostage, but one thing I’ve learned is there is power in skeletons. Use your past struggles as the driving force to push you to greatness. Dig deep, know your worth, keep your eyes on your mission and believe in yourself. I believe in you!

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