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Chady Dunmore’s Motivational Playlist

Get uplifted, empowered and ready to sweat with these songs hand-picked by Oxygen coach and cover model Chady Dunmore.

A workout playlist is meant to do one thing: MOTIVATE. This song lineup does just that! These tracks get me in a focused, strong and capable mindset.

Chady Dunmore's Motivational Workout Playlist

For me, music evokes a sense of strength by triggering positive empowering emotions. It helps me bear with any negativity and encourages me to keep my head up. Music is my companion in my journey to success.

In Fast-Track Fitness, four-time Oxygen cover model and personal trainer Chady Dunmore shares her very own training routine! This 28-day, full-body revamp is designed to make you stronger, leaner and more confident than ever before. Using little to no equipment and in the comfort of your own home, Dunmore’s workouts will help you burn fat, increase athletic endurance and build lean muscle with her short but intense sessions. The workouts constantly change, which keeps training time fun while challenging your body to achieve results.

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