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Chady Dunmore: My Transformation and Vision Board

Chady Dunmore takes you through her 80-pound weight-loss journey, opens up about her struggles and shares how she not only lost the weight but also took her power back (and how you can, too!).

My transformation, although physical, is much more than that. It’s mental, emotional and even spiritual. Yes, I transformed my body, but more important, I transformed my mind, and it took time, a lot of time. Little did I know, among the harsh and trying trials of my life, was the setup for my transformation and the realization of my strength. From being locked in a toxic relationship to feeling trapped in an overweight body, I was unaware that those trials were setting me up for greatness. That greatness would, later on, pour out into the lives of others, allowing them to see their greatness and allowing them to see that there is hope, that they can change and that they are worth it — and so are you.

My Vision Board, My Beginning

Bringing it back 12 years ago, I was 80 pounds overweight, a new mom and ashamed of the way I looked. Not only did I hate the way I looked on the outside, but also I hated how I felt on the inside. I lacked mental and physical power, or should I say I didn’t know I had it at that time. Maybe you can relate. One morning, I glanced in the mirror and was literally disgusted with what I saw. All I could think about was how I didn’t want my daughter to be embarrassed by her mom and how I didn’t even recognize the woman staring back at me. How did I get here? I knew I had to make a change.

I then created a vison board filled with images that inspired me and a picture of my face among magazine-clipped bodyparts that I longed for—abs, glutes, arms, you get it. I added motivational quotes and made sure I read them every single morning. I needed to remind myself each day that I could do this, that I could make the change. So I placed my vision board by my toothbrush in the bathroom where I would see it every single morning. More important, I pictured my daughter going to school and being proud of who her mom was—not just because of how I looked but because of how strong and healthy my whole entire lifestyle and mindset was.

Today Is the Day for You to Rebuild

I then went on to lose 80 pounds and a whole lot of self-doubt. Has everything been perfect? No and it never will be. But you can create the life and body that you want starting now. Starting with each rep, you can rebuild.

Chady Dunmore transformation

So whatever is holding you back at this moment, the time is now to release it and put everything you have into creating a better you. This program is more than just about working out, it’s more than reaching a weight-loss goal, this is about taking your power back, and for some, finding it!

In Fast-Track Fitness, four-time Oxygen cover model and personal trainer Chady Dunmore shares her very own training routine! This 28-day, full-body revamp is designed to make you stronger, leaner and more confident than ever before. Using little to no equipment and in the comfort of your own home, Dunmore’s workouts will help you burn fat, increase athletic endurance and build lean muscle with her short but intense sessions. The workouts constantly change, which keeps training time fun while challenging your body to achieve results.

So what’s holding you back? Now is the time to take the first step toward bettering your body and your life! Dunmore’s program is guaranteed to blast stubborn fat while sculpting your entire physique. What could be better? Join Fast-Track Fitness today!