Drink Milk, Lose Fat

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As kids, you might remember being told to drink your milk to be healthy and strong, but have you heard this one? Drink your milk…you'll be thinner!

A recent study reveals that drinking cow's milk after weight lifting helps burn fat. The university study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, identifies milk as an ideal post-workout muscle juice.

Following a session at the gym, just two cups of low-fat cow's milk will stave off those pesky pounds over at least a three month period, also helping to build muscle mass and promote muscle growth. The study also included results for soy and high-carb drinks (like sports drinks) and found that neither helped to fight fat like milk.

Can't drink milk? Don't fret - simply choose an alternative. In order to duplicate, or at the very least mimic, the calcium, protein, and vitamins found in cow's milk, a good alternative should have B12 and be fortified with calcium. Although scientists of this study say that there's nothing quite like the real thing, here are Oxygen's top flavor-friendly alternatives to cow's milk:

Almond milk

  • Contains calcium, which is good for bone-building. Perfect for adding a sweet touch to protein shakes.
  • Contains two grams of protein per 8 oz. (FYI, cow's milk has eight grams per 8 oz.)

Soy milk

  • High in protein. Your muscles need serious repair and rest after a workout. Protein-rich drinks and foods will get you there. Make a shake with this power-packed alternative or just drink it straight.
  • A great milk substitute in baking and cooking.

Oat milk

  • High in fiber. Studies show that a diet high in fiber not only keeps you regular, but also helps to metabolize food faster, which will help add energy to your day.
  • Slightly sweet. A nice addition to breakfast meals or even in desserts.

Goat's milk

  • Lots of whey - the stuff great protein is made of! Helps repair and restore muscles. A great post-workout snack.
  • Salty flavor, which can be a nice surprise in cheeses.
  • Contains "good fats," similar to cow's milk, which are needed to keep your nutrition balanced.

Rice milk

  • Very low in protein, but a great source of carbs, which can add a nice "boost" to your pre-workout shake, before you tackle a session of cardio.
  • Naturally sweet tasting. Super in post-workout shakes, too!
  • Great as a milk substitute in baking.

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