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Three Moves to Strong, Shapely Glutes

Try these three exercises for a better booty — no squats required!
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Looking for new ways to sculpt that Brazilian-inspired booty? Oxygen has got you covered! But it turns out that your glutes do a whole lot more than rock those killer pair of jeans. They are essential to your ability to go from sitting to standing thanks to three major muscles — the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. These muscles work together so you can move your hips in multiple ways and stand erect. But as important as they are, unless you give your glutes some serious attention at the gym, they can become underworked and prone to injury.

Strong glutes not only look great, but they also can help alleviate lower-back pain by stabilizing the pelvis. Ditto for knee pain. Building your rear assets also contributes to better performance at the gym or on the track, field or court. Here’s why: Stronger glutes help improve your speed, agility, side-to-side movements and jumping ability. But if you think squats are your only option to create those buns of steel, think again.

Here are three alternatives to incorporate into your next gym session:

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