Fitness Gear

Top Holiday Gifts to Get Fit in 2021

Give the gift of health this holiday season with these great finds for fitness fanatics.

Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs)


WAGs (Wrist Assured Gloves) are unique, patented workout gloves with wedged gel pads to relieve wrist & thumb pain. Take the stress & strain from wrists, esp. when putting weight on hands. Planks-No Problem!

$35-$69, or call 800-606-4577

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Schwinn AC™ Performance & StairMaster® SM3


The Schwinn AC™ Performance provides an unparalleled studio quality ride while the SM3 brings the power of StairMaster® into your home helping you discover and surpass your limits.

$2,299 (AC™ Performance) and $3,799 (StairMaster® SM3),

SaunaTek™ Neoprene Vest


SaunaTek increases your body temperature to help shed excess water weight and maintain muscle warmth. Flexible neoprene and reinforced stitching allow for a full range of motion.


Laird Superfood


Celebrate the holiday the superfood way! Our mission at Laird Superfood is to produce quality plant-based products to keep you fueled from sunrise to sunset. We believe that food should enable you to perform at the highest level, no matter what you’re doing. Superfood makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Shop our Holiday Headquarters for custom-curated bundles, gift boxes, stocking stuffers, holiday recipes, and so much more!


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Bruise-Strain-Tear Repair


Injuries can be healed faster and better with this natural herbal gel. Elbows, knees, shoulders… Bruise, Strain & Tear Repair even heals old injuries. Get back in the game!


Halo® Trainer Plus


A multidimensional tool for a full-body workout, the Halo® Trainer Plus offers dynamic and challenging ways to engage muscles to build strength, flexibility and total body conditioning. Pair it with a Stability Ball™ to increase the range of exercise options.


Use promo code OXYGEN25 to save 25% off the Halo Trainer Plus before December 18th, 2020 (and free shipping for orders placed by November 30!). Plus, receive 30-day access to the Halo Trainer Plus Collection on Merrithew Connect™ with promo code OXYGENHGG.



Wish you could lift dumbbells with your feet like you can with your hands? Do that and much more! With the unlimited versatility of MonkeyFeet, leg day will never be the same!


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