Lara’s Obsessed-With-List Sweepstakes: Fall 2019

If you’re familiar with Oxygen, you know that Editor-in-Chief Lara McGlashan shares her favorite health and fitness products in each issue. This fall, we’re giving away her top-rated fit goodies to one lucky winner! Enter for your chance to win below.

Smeg Drip Coffee Maker


There are a million coffee makers out there that basically perform the same function, but this one makes me smile every single morning with its cool, retro look and fun throwback color. Plus, it’s sturdy and efficient, and has convenient features like an LED control panel, auto start and “aroma control,” where you can decide on your preferred coffee strength — delicate or intense.


Buddha Board


Sometimes I just need a moment of Zen — and so does my 6-year-old. This nifty little folding board uses water and a simple brush to create impermanent designs that slowly fade away and clear the path for a new masterpiece — great for brain-clearing doodling and clean-kid art time!

From $15-$35 (depending on size),, 

HempMeds Hydrating and Purifying Shampoo


Cold months mean forced-air heat, which means dry, frizzy hair — no need for a Halloween wig! But this HempMeds Shampoo is restorative hair 911, giving me back some of my fried-away body and shine with all-natural argan oil and goji-berry extract, as well as infused CBD to help strengthen my tortured locks. Bonus: It’s free of toxins, chemicals, fragrances and parabens.


Watkins Decorating Sugar


Though the jury is still out when it comes to the link between food coloring and behavior/ADHD issues in children, I still try to limit our intake of unnaturally colored foods. When it comes to flashy holiday treats, however, it’s hard to regulate their consumption, even when we bake at home. Enter decorating sugars from Watkins, which contain no artificial dyes and instead are colored with plant-based extracts and vegetable juices — the perfect solution to at-home cookie creations!


Once Again Cashew Butter


Like most schools, my son’s has a no-peanut policy. Unfortunately, all the little dude eats at the moment is peanut butter and jelly. Solution: Trade peanut butter for cashew butter and voila — happy mom, happy kid. This organic cashew butter from Once Again is not super dry and pasty like some products, contains no preservatives and is Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and Kosher.

$14.50 (16-ounce jar), 

Bear’s Fruit Kombucha


Antibiotics are often necessary to eject an unwanted microbe from your person, but they are so thorough that they indiscriminately kill off all your bacterial guests, including the good ones, effectively ruining your digestion for weeks afterward. I find it helpful to take a probiotic concurrent with a course of antibiotics, and to that end, I love these Bear’s Fruit drinks. Their organic, raw kombucha is fermented with organic fruits and herbs and comes in four fun flavors, including blueberry lavender and strawberry jalapeño.


Enter now for your chance to win this Oxygen-approved prize pack:

  • Smeg Drip Coffee Maker ($200 value)
  • Buddha Board ($35 value)
  • HempMeds Hydrating and Purifying Shampoo ($25 value)
  • Watkins Decorating Sugar ($6 value)
  • Once Again Cashew Butter ($14.50 value)
  • Bear’s Fruit Kombucha ($5 value)

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