Lara’s Obsessed-With-List Sweepstakes: Spring 2019

If you’re familiar with Oxygen, you know that editor-in-chief Lara McGlashan shares her favorite new health and fitness products in each issue. This Spring, we’re giving away her top-rated fit goodies to one lucky winner! Enter for your chance to win below. 

The Pure Co. Carbon Filter Water Decanter


I don’t drink enough water, especially in the winter when it’s cold, but since this decanter fits easily on my desk, I have no more excuses. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel, and the carbon filter eliminates nearly all the impurities in my drinking water — including fluoride (my new public enemy No. 1)., $228

Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper


For years, I have used an air popper to make popcorn
on movie nights, and while the end result is decidedly healthier, it’s also akin to chewy Styrofoam. This glass and silicone popper works in the microwave and delivers fresh, crispy corn in seconds. Add in a little coconut oil before popping and get a few extra medium-chain triglycerides!, $33 (3-quart)

Elmhurst Milked Cashews


Because I am allergic to dairy, I am always excited to try new alternative milks for my coffee. This cashew milk from Elmhurst is minimally processed so it retains its nutritive value. Bonus: It contains zero gums, emulsifiers or other added ingredients., $12 (2 cartons)

Crossrope Bolt Set


The quality of a jump rope can make or break your workout, which is why I love this Bolt Set from Crossrope. With lightweight aluminum handles and smooth bearings, this rope turns so easily that I look like a roping expert even on my clumsiest days., $60

Kodiak Cups Chocolate Fudge Brownie Unleashed


You may be familiar with Kodiak Cakes pancake mixes and frozen waffles, but now they have ventured into desserts that are so yummy you won’t believe they contain 100 percent whole grains and 10 grams of protein per cup. And since it is literally ready in one minute, call your cravings crushed!, $2.25

Laura’s Lean Chicken Breasts


Now that I have a small human to consider, I am more conscious of my food choices, which is why I love Laura’s Lean’s chicken. None of its products have added hormones, antibiotics or artificial ingredients, and its free- range chickens are fed a vegetarian diet. The breasts also come portioned into convenient single-serving packs., $60 (12 5-ounce packages)

Enter now for your chance to win this epic Oxygen-approved prize pack:

  • The Pure Co. Carbon Filter Water Decanter ($228 value)
  • Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper ($33)
  • Elmhurst Milked Cashews ($12)
  • Crossrope Bolt Set ($60 value)
  • Kodiak Cups Chocolate Fudge Brownie Unleashed ($2.25 value)
  • Laura’s Lean Chicken Breasts ($60 value)

This prize bundle is worth $395! 

This sweepstakes has ended.