13 Things We Learned from Jackie Warner

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Celebrity trainer Jackie Warner joined us on Facebook for a live chat and answered your get-fit questions, from detox diets to getting her washboard abs. Here are 13 things we learned.

  1. Looking to drop the baby weight? Jackie suggests adding salmon, free-range poultry, colorful vegetables and healthy fats from avocados, nuts and seeds into your diet.
  2. How many calories should women eat per day? Typically, women should consume 1,500 calories a day to maintain a healthy weight. (But every body is different! Jackie has found that her body needs more to build muscle —she consumes about 4,000 calories a day.)
  3. If you only had 30 minutes a day—weights, cardio or both? Try doing resistance training in circuits. For example, combine 4-6 exercises together and don’t rest in between. It’ll keep your heart rate up, making it cardiovascular.
  4. Need some indoor cardio options? Try the jump rope! Do 100 rotations in between your resistance training set.
  5. Forget detox! A clean diet filled with fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats will keep you healthy and happy.
  6. Love push-ups, but hate the pressure it puts on your wrists? There are several chest exercises you can do that keep your wrists straight and stable. Any variation of a chest press (incline, flat, decline) and variations of chest flies (dumbbells, tables, seated) are very effective. You can also try putting two dumbbells on the ground and doing hammer pushups—your wrist stays straight with this exercise.
  7. Need to tighten loose skin around your midsection? You can build out abdominal muscles to fill out loose skin. Jackie also suggests whey isolate, three to four servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit to help build collagen.
  8. What’s the best time to workout? Every body is different! Try working out in the morning, afternoon and evening to see when you feel the strongest. (Jackie is at her best between 10am-12pm daily.)
  9. Juicing—pros and cons? While vegetables and fruits are an excellent way to get vitamins are necessary to prevent disease and increase immune strength, try to eat the whole fruit so you will get the fiber content as well as the vitamin content. You’ll miss out with a juicer!
  10. Need to break through a plateau? “The body plateaus within 30 days of the same routine, so you have to change your exercises, change the order in which you do them and also go up slightly with your weights,” says Jackie. “That should break the plateau.” (Jackie also sells plateau-busting DVDs on her site.)
  11. Can’t get motivated? Think of the benefits! Everything in your life improves with regular exercise, since it releases dopamine and serotonins in your brain. These chemicals cause you to be peaceful and happy.
  12. Soy when trying to lose weight—yay or nay? There is conflicting research about soy. There are health benefits, but soy can make you slightly estrogen dominant, which is not ideal for weight loss. Jackie says nay.
  13. Want Jackie’s abs? Train six days a week and hit each muscle group twice a week with perfect form. “I don’t even do crunches, but working my legs and my upper body appropriately (such as incorporating variations of push-ups and squats) work my core hard and keep me ripped,” she said.

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