5 Dinner Party Diet Traps

You can keep your goals on track and still be a gracious guest with these dinner party strategies.


1. Offer to help with the menu

You don’t have to announce that you’re “bringing something healthy” – just offer to help the host by bringing one of your favorite recipes. This way you can enjoy other items served that night knowing that you’re only a helping away from a clean entree or side dish to a clean entree or side dish to help boost the nutrition on your plate. Check out Oxygen’s online recipes for some great ideas.


2. Don’t skip meals

Even though a big dinner is in your future, don’t think that skipping meals is going to help you save calories. Show up to the party hungry and you could find yourself making some unhealthy choices to compensate for the hunger pangs. Instead, stick with your usual clean diet throughout the day, perhaps scaling back on portions as the evening nears, to save a little room for your evening meal.


3. Exercise

Today is not the day to skip a workout, so make it a priority to hit the gym. Not only will you get your metabolism soaring, which will help blast calories throughout the day, but you’ll also tone your muscles before slipping into that strapless number. A great confidence booster!


4. Hydrate, hydrate

Keep water nearby at all times. For every sip of wine, take three to four sips of water. This will help your drink last longer, plus it will keep you hydrated and feeling full throughout the night so you’re not tempted to snack or overload your plate.


5. Be Gracious

While other guests may be loading their plates with all the trimmings, you want to find a balance between sticking to your goals and not offending the host. How do you do it? Have a plan. If you’re encouraged to “eat more,” simply thank the host and say the food and portions are perfect and they’re hitting the spot. Letting your host know that you’re enjoying the meal is a great way to make everyone feel more comfortable.