Midori, Rachel, Angelike and Heather – March 2013

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For our March 2013 issue, we handed over the reins of our Cover Girl Confidential interview to our sixty thousand Facebook fans, who had some burning questions for our leading ladies – Angelike Psoinos Norrie, Rachel Davis, Midori Rutledge and Heather Robertson. From favorite protein powders to dealing with body-image issues, these ambassadors of the Oxygen lifestyle were more than happy to oblige.

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How do you go from “in shape” to “photoshoot body”?

Heather Robertson: I will really buckle down on eating clean—I eliminate all dairy from my diet and cut out the “cheats.” I also increase my water intake and make sure I’m getting plenty of beauty sleep! As far as workouts go, I bump up cardio from three days a week to five and will add hot yoga to my regular weight training routine.

Angelike Psoinos Norrie: Diet, diet, diet. You cannot out-train a bad diet. My training definitely steps up a notch during prep but the most important thing I change is meal planning, pairing and timing. A prep schedule for me is usually two-a-days. I lift in one session and do cardio in another. That usually means really early mornings and really late nights—but it’s the only way I can get it done. No excuses.

Midori Rutledge: I’m fit all year round and I follow the clean eating life style. It gives me the ease to get ready for a photoshoot in a ten-day call. My training will vary slightly, including more circuits and higher reps and lower weights to burn some excess calories. I also become more precise about my nutrition and I make sure I’m hydrated at all times.

Rachel Davis: Stricter nutrition and more intense cardio sessions on top of my weight training.

Aside from giving up certain foods, what is the toughest part about the fit lifestyle?

APN: Finding the time and balance. We live in a microwave world where everything is fast and we squeeze so much into one day. I make my health a priority, which is essential. The hardest part is fitting it all in. I travel, A LOT. Board meetings, conference calls, airports, all while being a new mommy are a big part of my day. I have to schedule my workouts just like I schedule everything else.

MR: I find the toughest part about the fit lifestyle is the social aspect of everyday life. Society is focused around food and drinks. I do believe in a healthy balance and I do partake in those social things, but I have learnt my limit and how to make healthier and smarter choices.

HR: It’s all about finding a perfect balance so that you don’t feel like you are giving up or sacrificing anything in place of a healthy lifestyle.

RD: Finding a balance. I personally struggled with finding the nutritional balance for a while. I would get in my fitness shape, then fall off the bandwagon and repeat. With the help of Dr. Layne Norton, I can happily say that I am finding my nutritional balance between competitions, photoshoots and life.

What goes into your protein shake?

APN: I am obsessed with the Isagenix Isalean protein shakes! I typically don’t add anything except for water and ice, but if I am feeling wild, I love shaved unsweetened coconut, PB2, almonds, almond extract, berries, coffee grinds or maybe just a dash of cinnamon. Depends on what I am in the mood for.

RD: PVL Iso Gold. And I will almost always throw in avocado and raspberries.

HR: Ground Flax seed, Glutamine, Optimum Nutrition Whey (chocolate), 1/2 banana, 1tbsp Almond butter, 3-4 frozen strawberries, cinnamon and unsweetened Almond milk.

MR: Protein, ice, water, Glutamine. I use trüRecovery by trü Performance Nutrition.

Rapid Fire!

Favorite Protein?

MR: Steak. I love a good piece of red meat!

HR: Baked salmon.

APN: I love bison and buffalo meat. It’s super lean and so yummy!

RD: Greek yogurt.

Favorite Carb?

MR: Sweet potato.

HR: Mashed sweet potatoes or toasted Ezekiel bread.

APN: Butternut squash, acorn squash, any kind of squash!

RD: apples and Ezekiel bread

Favorite Fat?

MR: Avocado. You can put it on everything!

HR: Coconut oil.

APN: Coconut oil.

RD: Peanut butter.

You love to train…

MR: Posterior chain! To be specific, hamstrings and glutes.

HR: Shoulders and back.

APN: I always say that I love to train all parts, but I do love the feeling I get from training arms and legs!

RD: Legs!

You hate to train…

HR: Calves and Triceps

APN: None, really. Make every body part, your favorite part.

RD: Chest.

Favorite type of cardio?

HR: I like to do short powerful sessions of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The faster I can get cardio out of the way, the better!

APN: HIIT. I love short bouts of intense cardio. Its incredibly effective and, best of all, it’s over pretty quickly!

RD: Sprints!

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