Tosca Reno – February 2013

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This year was full of changes for Tosca Reno, from saying good-bye to her husband, Robert Kennedy, to taking the reins of his publishing empire. It hasn’t been easy, but she’s learned to stay positive. “I am learning how to be grateful despite the difficult circumstances,” Tosca says.

Fit On the Go

As a bestselling author, motivational speaker and publishing mogul, Tosca is always on the go. She lists travel as her biggest hurdle when it comes to fitness. She used to stress about keeping a strict training schedule while on the go, but has learned to be flexible. “When I travel, it is much more challenging to stick to a schedule, so I have to throw structured plans into the trash and accept chaos. Once I know chaos is going to exist, it’s much easier to find chunks of time in which to train.”

Functionally Fit

Tosca’s goal is to build a functionally fit body, and she keeps that in mind when creating her training program. She trains six days on and one day off. Each session lasts about an hour and a half, and includes lifting weights, cardio, flexibility and balancing moves. “Recently. I have redoubled my efforts on tightening my core and lifting my glutes – it gets harder as you get older, you know!” Not that that stops her!

Her moves du jour? “I put my feet on a flat bench and my elbows on a stability ball, and balance for as long as I can. I do five or six reps of that balance hold. I do more explosive moves for my glutes, like the lumberjack thrust. I place one end of an Olympic bar in a corner and load the other with weight. Then, I squat down and thrust upward on my toes.” Both moves are part of Tosca’s personal trainer Coach Rita’s program.

Even Tosca has days when she doesn’t feel like training. Her solution? “Do it anyway! Once I get moving, I begin to love it. I just give it 10 minutes and all my grumbling disappears.”

Congrats, Tosca!

This past October, Tosca took first place in the Bikini Tall Grand Masters category at an Ontario Physique Association show in honor of Robert. “It was such a moment for me, made all the better because of my amazing friends, followers and family. What a blast!”

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