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Women's Fitness Personalities

Emily Schromm on Her “Meathead Hippie” Style of Fitness

Emily Schromm, reality star, podcaster, coach and more, shares her tips for a fit, zen life.

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Emily Schromm is a rarity —  part meathead, part hippie. A nutritional therapy practitioner, entrepreneur and coach, Schromm has a unique approach to fitness that’s more centered on translating movement into everyday life and appreciating the environment in which you’re active.

She began working out seriously when she found an old-school bodybuilding program and stuck with it. She dabbled in high-intensity intervals as well, and found a new love for what her body could achieve. 

“It was no longer what my body looked like,” Schromm says. “But about the feeling of empowerment that came from committing to something and exploring what my body could do.”

Outside of fitness, Schromm took the on-air spotlight when she was cast in the 23rd season of the MTV reality series The Real World: D.C. Not long after, she was featured in Rivals II and The Challenge, where she won the entire competition and $350,000. In 2018, she won an eight-week spin-off show hosted by WWE star Mike Mizanin, where she went head-to-head with The Challenge champions and 10 celebrity athletes and influencers.

While she’s more focused than ever on connecting with her clients, keeping in tune with her own body and enjoying each day, TV is not completely off the table just yet.

“The way I work out translates to anything want,” Schromm says. “If TV opportunities came again, which is always a possibility, I would totally say yes if it was the right time. The beautiful thing about the way I work out and move is that you’re always prepared for that type of thing.”

Emily Schromm-2
(Photo: Emily Schromm)

The Meathead Hippie Podcast

In 2017, Schromm began the Meathead Hippie podcast, where she’s chatted with experts about everything from strength hacks to breathwork to herbs and immunity. 

“The meathead style of embodiment is understanding that we love to feel strong and confident in the gym,” Schromm says. “But the other side — which is just as important — is the internal, energetic and emotional process that happens when you feel strong.”

Schromm’s Meathead Hippie Lifestyle Tips

1. Notice more. 

“We’re always on a mission to get to work, grab coffee, answer calls and all that. And sure, that’s really wonderful because it keeps us progressing, but it completely disconnects us from where we’re from.”

Action points: “Take the time, even if you’re just walking somewhere, to notice a beautiful rare bird that swoops by or a plant growing through the sidewalk crack or a certain tree.”

2. Actively and intentionally seek out nature. 

“What happens to your body when you’re in nature is so different than when we’re around man-made structures.”

Action points: “Find ways to incorporate nature into your routine. This is so hippie, but notice the experience that happens when you walk through a park during a break from work.”

3. Practice breathing.

“I started out my morning today with breathing exercises. It’s not breath work, but more so learning how to hold your body using gravity.”

Action points: “Keep your chest forward, ribs up and use your breath to feel your posture. Practice walking and breathing with intention.” 

A Different Approach

A lot of people set aside 30 minutes or so for the gym, but Schromm approaches fitness differently. 

“I used to always have it be, ‘Here’s my hour-long workout and then I get back to my day,’” she says. “But I’m working out so I can move and operate at my most optimal condition every single hour of the day.” 

Schromm shares her training and lifestyle with her clients, most whom come to her because they’re ready to explore and move away from what they’re currently doing in their fitness routines. 

“Most of the time, it’s about finding what will help this person feel more confident in their skin and get them out of the constructs of our own minds.”

When it comes to nutrition, Schromm feels it’s very personal and varies from person to person. She’s focused on nutrient density; where are you getting protein today? Is it responsibility-raised? Are you eating seasonal produce?

“I recommend going to a farmer’s market at least once a month,” she says. “That might help you at least see what’s happening in the world and see where foods come from in real time.”

Most of all, Schromm listens to her body and suggests her clients do, too.

“It’s all about trust in self,” she says. “If something makes you feel wholesome and good — not just in the moment, but in the next day or two. Are you sleeping well? Are you having cravings?”

The latter is something Schromm isn’t immune to.

“If I’m craving chocolate, I need to look at my magnesium levels,” she says. “If I’m craving greasy pizza or chips, I might not be eating enough fat. All in all, I try to stay away from calorie counting and just listen.”

Here’s The Tea

One of the biggest joys in Schromm’s life is tea. Not juicy gossip, but medicinal herbs. 

“I always think of tea as medicine,” she says. “Herbs are the origins of where Western medicine came from, and what’s beautiful is that it’s all really at our feet.”

She recommends exploring the tea aisle in your local grocery store to start, and research the types you’re gravitating toward. Look up the ingredients, find the source and discover what kind of benefits the herbs provide. 

Where to Find Her

You can find Schromm on her social media accounts, Spotify, her website or probably walking barefoot in a park somewhere.