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Women's Fitness Personalities

These Podcasters Are Changing the Conversation Around Women’s Health

These two best friends talk hormonal health, fertility, sexuality and more on their podcast, Fleurish.

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Utah natives Nicolette Paige Fratto and Julie Dykstra have a talent for chatting and storytelling. For them, the conversation never seems to dull. And so, two years ago when their husbands joked, “Just put a microphone between you two, already!” it was like a lightbulb went off in their heads. Fast forward to the present and their podcast, Fleurish, is centered around honest, real and often hilarious conversations about women’s health and wellness.

“We felt like the internet needed a little more happiness and light to it,” Fratto says. “And we mostly wanted to open up the conversation about health and wellness with no filter.”

The topics they cover range from nutrition and fitness, eating disorders and self-empowerment, to sexuality and beyond.

“Women’s health is generally not talked about nearly enough,” Fratto says. “Especially about hormones and fertility. We’ve been so shocked that women who write in to us don’t know so much about their own bodies.”

“For instance, we’ve talked about hormonal birth control,” Dykstra says. “There are so many side effects to birth control that women aren’t aware of because they get on it so young. It’s not always taken into consideration which type is best for you and your body.”

They’re also striving to normalize having conversations about women’s sexuality and sex lives, something many might be too embarrassed to talk about openly. Dykstra and Fratto want to break that stigma of sex being a secret, almost shameful thing to discuss.

“Again, there aren’t enough women who enjoy sex or even know how to enjoy it,” Fratto says. “We have episodes where we’re very vulnerably talking about sex and how it’s something women should enjoy too, not just men.”

“We want to at least encourage women to open up that dialogue with their partner or spouse,” Dykstra says, “and help women feel more comfortable about it.”

(Photo: Fleurish Podcast)

Keepin’ the Pod Peace

Starting a podcast with your best friend could come with potential downfalls. Like going into business with a friend, you wouldn’t want the stress to overcomplicate things and cause a rift in the relationship.

“Truthfully, we’ve never fought seriously about the podcast,” Dykstra says. “Yes, it can be stressful because we both have full-time careers, but for us, it’s important to have open communication so we’re able to manage things appropriately.”

In that regard, a little preparation never hurt anyone.

“About a year in, we set better boundaries so we could figure out who was going to do what tasks,” Fratto says. “Delegating tasks is good for us so it feels fair and no one feels resentful or overwhelmed.”

Creator Faves 

There are tons of episodes worth checking out, but the hosts have their own favorites they recommend if you’re a first-time listener.

“My favorite is one of our very first episodes,” Dykstra says. “It’s about loving yourself and who you are and gaining confidence. It’s a really feel-good episode”

You can listen here: YOU ARE PERFECT//A major self-love pep talk

“One of my favorites is when we talked about seasons of your cycle,” Fratto says. “Just teaching women that we have four seasons just like the Earth does and there are specific things we can do to nourish our bodies in each of those seasons.”

You can listen here: Understand The Seasons of Your Cycle: Utilize Your Hormones to Live Your Best Life.

Quick-Fire Q&A

Oxygen Magazine: Morning routine must?

Dykstra: Reading every morning when I wake up. I don’t look at my phone for the first hour of the morning. I also write a gratitude list while eating breakfast. Oh, and scratching my dog behind the ears.

Fratto: If there’s any type of sun peeking out through the clouds, I try to get some exposure. I also do a quick meditation in the morning; I lay in bed, do breathing exercises and listen to calm music for five minutes.

OM: Coffee order?

Fratto: I love nitro cold brew with sweet vanilla cream or a caramel vanilla latte.

Dykstra: I’m a tea gal. I love a mixed berry tea in the morning with hints of mandarin.

OM: If you could describe each other in one word, what would it be?

Dykstra: If I could describe Nic in one word, it would be thoughtful.

Fratto: For Jules, it would be kind. There’s literally nothing bad about her.

OM: Best health and wellness tip?

Dykstra: An evening walk and going to bed early. My therapy is definitely going for walks.

Fratto: Being out in the sun and being barefoot outside — we don’t do it enough!

OM: How do you incorporate fitness into your life?

Dykstra: I do a lot of pilates from home and then mix in the gym three or four times a week. I also walk all the time, whether it’s around my neighborhood, the park or on a hike.

Fratto: I go to the gym every morning and lift six days a week. I also incorporate cardio a few times a week.