5 Apps For Finding Local, Seasonal Produce

Fruits and veggies lose nutrients on the journey from the farm to your grocery store. Use these apps to locate farmers' markets in your area and find out what's in season.
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1. Farmstand

Farmstand is like Facebook for local produce lovers. Not only does the app track down nearby farmers' markets using your smartphone's GPS, it allows users to share photos, recipes, great deals and comments about their favorite markets. Easy to use and well designed, this app is both fun and functional.

Available in: U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and New Zealand
Get it on: iPhone and iPod touch
Cost: Free

Check out Farmstand here.

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2. Seasons

Seasons has everything you need to make smart, seasonal choices when it comes to produce. With a searchable database of 214 fruits and vegetables, the app displays the local and import seasons, photos, and a description of each item. It also maps farmers' markets in your area.

Available in: U.S., Canada, U.K., Central and Western Europe
Get it on: iPhone and iPod touch
Cost: $1.99

Get Seasons here.

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4. Harvest

Have trouble picking the perfect avocado? Harvest can help! This app has all the tips and tricks for selecting ripe, high-quality fruits and veggies, and how to best store them at home. And we love that Harvest shows the levels of pesticide residue in produce, so you know when to splurge on organic.

Available: Anywhere!
Get it on on: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Cost: $1.99

Download Harvest here.

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4. Locavore

Locavore has a little bit of everything: it maps out farms and markets, lists local in-season produce, and includes social features to allow users to post recipes and share comments.

Available in: U.S. and Canada (Ontario and BC only)
Get it on on: Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Cost: Free

Find out more about Locavore here.

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5. Fresh Food Finder

This easy-to-use app keeps it simple with just two options: you can find farmers' markets using GPS, or search for a specific market. The app includes schedules, maps and details about each market, but skips the bells and whistles.

Available in: U.S.
Available on: Android iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Cost: Free

Download Fresh Food Finder here.

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