Break Up With Your Bad Habits

There are countless reasons why people get stuck in a cycle of bad habits, but here’s how to turn them around.
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Have you ever rewarded yourself for a really great workout by inhaling a pizza? Sure, we all have. It’s a classic example of bad habits that derail our fitness goals, yet we continue to wonder why we can’t reach them. And still, the cycle continues.

There are countless reasons why people get stuck in a cycle of bad habits, but often it comes down to not knowing how to get out of the rut. Because, let’s face it, it’s a lot of work to change a habit.

“So many people think, Well, I’m already here, it will take me 10 times the amount of effort to get healthy, and so instead of changing their mindset, they continue to live their lifestyle because they believe there’s no way of getting out,” says Arnit Kobryniec, a certified personal trainer in South Florida who has a master’s degree in psychology, specializing in eating habits and behaviors. “Though they may hate the way they feel or look, trying to face these unhealthy habits may mean digging deep — emotionally and physically. Also, a fear of failure holds so many people back from taking action.”

Kobryniec outlines a few common bad habits and how to turn them around:

If your bad habits are different from those listed above, Kobryniec offers a few tips that will work for any number of issues: “Write everything down because once you see an action on paper, you are more likely to follow through. Big sticky notes are my go-to. I stick them everywhere — on my mirrors, doors — as reminders. It also helps to have a support system and to create smaller goals as steppingstones to the larger goal. 

Finally, keep going even though you might have fallen off track a few times. The more you practice an action, the more it becomes a habit.”

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