Sit-Less Strategies

We know that sitting too much is bad for your body and your health. Here are some simple tips to get your off your butt and out of that chair.
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Sitting too long is bad for you. But with a little creativity you can add more movement to your day. Try adding one or more of these tactics to your routine and make yourself more mobile.

  1. Get vertical. Establish a routine of taking a break every half-hour. Use a computer alarm or app to remind you, then stand and stretch or take a quick stroll. For example, a five-minute stroll, research says, can undo the problems created in your lower legs by one hour of sitting.
  2. Making a phone call?Using a headset or speaker-phone, stand as you talk; if possible, walk around your office.
  3. Switch to a height-adjustable desk — either make or buy one (if your office environment allows it) — so you can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.
  4. Get moving! Make meetings active, turning them into walking meetings or at least standing during meetings. If you’re attending a presentation, position yourself at the back of the room so you can stand.
  5. Instead of sending an email (unless absolutely essential), walk over to your intended recipient and have a conversation.
  6. Whenever people enter your office, stand to greet them. Keep standing as long as possible.
  7. Consider sitting on a stability ball instead of a chair. The ball activates a significant number of muscles.
  8. Drink more water, coffee or tea so you have to pee more, which thus forces you to get up.

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