Walk Aware!

Don't be caught off guard, take these precautions to stay safe during your daily stroll.
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Walking is a great way to get in some daily activity, but walkers beware: Pedestrian death has risen 10 percent in the last several years.

Though it’s unclear exactly what has caused this rise in walking fatalities, take these precautions to stay safe during your daily stroll:

  1. Don’t walk and text. Being aware of and observing your surroundings is the first step toward safer activity.
  2. Wear clothing with reflective elements, especially when exercising at night. Editor’s pick: The Altra IQ — coral-colored by day and disco-ball bright at night. altrarunning.com, $199. 
  3. Walk in well-lit areas with a defined walking or bike path so you can see and be seen by drivers.
  4. Walk with a friend. Two sets of ears and eyes are better than one!
  5. Keep your music to a low volume so you can hear what’s happening around you. Better yet, try the Trekz Titanum headphones by AfterShokz — wireless, open-ear headphones that use bone conduction technology (originally developed for military special ops!) to transmit audio waves directly to your inner ear. aftershokz.com, $130 

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