Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Baja California Eggs Benedict

Serve up this West Coast–inspired take on a classic weekend morning favorite: eggs Benedict.


Ready in 35 minutes | Makes 2 Servings



⅓ cup plain low-fat Greek yogurt

1 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tbsp. orange juice

Pinch cayenne pepper, plus more for garnish


2 poblano peppers

2 whole eggs

4 egg whites

2 whole-wheat English muffins, split

½ avocado, pitted, peeled and thinly sliced

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

Olive oil cooking spray


1. In a small bowl, mix together sauce ingredients. Set aside.

2. Place oven rack 6 inches from the top of the oven, and turn on broiler. Place peppers on a baking sheet and broil 3 to 5 minutes, or until skin is charred and blistered. Turn peppers over and repeat.

3. Transfer peppers to a glass bowl, cover with a plate, and let steam 5 minutes. Peel away charred skin and remaining blackened bits, and discard.

4. Cut peppers in half, and remove stems and seeds.

5. Fill bottom of a 4-egg poacher with 1″ of water. Bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Spray poaching cups with cooking spray, and fill 2 cups with whole eggs.

6. Divide egg whites between remaining 2 cups. Cover and cook whole eggs until whites set and yolks thicken (about4 minutes).

7. Remove cooked whole eggs, cover, and continue cooking egg whites until opaque, another 3 to 4 minutes.

8. Toast English muffins under broiler and divide between2 plates. Place . of a roasted pepper on each muffin half. Top 2 halves with the whole eggs and 2 with the egg whites.

9. Spoon sauce over eggs and top with avocado slices. Season with a pinch of salt and pep­per, and sprinkle with cayenne.

Nutrition facts (per serving):370 calories, 15 g fat, 3 g saturated fat, 40 g carbs, 8 g fiber, 8 g sugar, 0 g trans fat, 26 g protein