Five Foods to Pass Up During the Holidays

You may not completely ban these five foods during the festive season, but if you want to keep losing fat, keep them in check.

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1. Bread Basket

It’s a no brainer: Would you rather use up your cheat calories on the rolls and butter or sit down for your choice at the dessert table? Bypass the basket.


2. Alcohol

Even though alcohol may have some health benefits, it pays to keep in mind that each ounce of wine boasts 25 calories and other forms of alcohol aren’t any better – a bottle of beer contains 150 calories, a daiquiri has 250 calories and a martini tops 300 calories!


3. Whipped Cream

Call it what it really is, pure whipped sugar and fat. Your skinny sliver of pumpkin pie needs that extra dollop as much as you need an extra layer of fat on your hips.


4. Soup

Surprisingly, this starter can be filled with extra fat and calories. So while pumpkin cream does sound good, it’s all about choices. You’ll likely feel more satisfied by getting extra calories from foods you can chew.


5. Marshmallows

Seriously, Mr. Stay Puff looks that way for a reason. Sweet potatoes are sweet enough without marshmallows on top. Take a pass on empty calories.