Healthy Eating for Women

Five Paleo Recipes

The caveman diet doesn’t have to be barbaric! These five recipes fit into a Paleo diet and deliver on flavor, too.

1. Chili Lime Tuna Cakes


These fish cakes are ready in just 15 minutes and deliver a whopping 50 grams of protein per serving. Try them alongside salad or roasted veggies. Get our recipe for Chili Lime Tuna Cakes.

2. Sweet Potato Hash


High in fiber and low on the glycemic index, sweet potatoes supply a constant stream of energy, ideal for active bodies. Top it with a fried egg and spicy chicken sausage and this hash will keep you full of long-lasting energy. Get our recipe for Sweet Potato Hash.

3. Bun-Less Turkey Waldorf Burger


With unsweetened dried cranberries, walnuts and green apple, this lean turkey burger has all the flavors of a Waldorf salad—with far fewer grams of fat. Skip the bun and serve this patty on a fresh radicchio cup instead. Get our recipe for the Bun-Less Turkey Waldorf Burger.

4. Flank Steak Lettuce Wraps

Filled with cilantro, mango, and grass-fed flank steak, these lettuce wraps are refreshing and Paleo-approved. Get our recipe for Flank Steak Lettuce Wraps.


5. Seafood Gazpacho


Tomatoes are a post-WOD elixir; they’re full of antioxidants that can help decrease inflammation, making it easier for you to hit the gym the next day. Try this chilled soup before or after your next sweat session to reap the benefits. Get our recipe for Seafood Gazpacho.