Lunchbox Makeover

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When the low-carb craze hit, sandwiches suffered and bread became the enemy. But now that the low-carb movement is fizzling, sandwiches are back on the menu-and rightly so. “Sandwiches are one of the best avenues for good nutrition,” says Philadelphia-based registered dietician Libby Mills. “You get a healthy dose of proteins, carbs and fats, which will fuel you all day,” says Mills. Just so long as you’re paying as much attention to what’s between the slices as the slices themselves. Sandwich stuffing can pack on the calories and fat, especially if you lunch at a deli or restaurant.

Slice it Right

Opt for whole-grain bread with at least four grams of fiber per slice, Mills says. If you don’t like whole-grain, then choose another bread with the word whole in front of it, such as whole-rye or whole-oats.

Spread it Thin

Skip the butter and mayo, unless you use a lighter or fat-free version. Instead, add taste with flavored mustard, salsa or a thin layer of hummus.

Healthy Proteins

Turkey breast and grilled chicken are your healthiest bets but if you prefer beef or ham, select lean cuts. If you’re not a meat lover or want a bit of variety, add low-fat hummus, grilled fish or tuna.

Load with Veggies

Nosh a few more servings of veggies and boost your fiber intake. Consider baby spinach, romaine lettuce or cabbage. Then add carrots, cucumbers, peppers or whatever else you desire.

Nutrition Bite

While you have constructed a healthier sandwich, you still need to watch portion sizes. Ordering out? Split a sandwich with a friend or save half for tomorrow’s lunch.

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