Nutrition for Women

Sexy Strong Premier Nutrition: Supplements for Women Only

Men and women require many of the same things for fitness and health. We do the same workouts, follow the same workout plans, but sometimes women have different demands to reach their goals. Sexy-Strong Premier Nutrition supplements are designed with women in mind in order to help active females support lean, shapely muscle, melt bodyfat, and control hunger while decreasing fatigue and increasing athletic performance.

Products include Sexy-Strong FUEL, which is loaded with BCAAs, which have been shown to protect lean tissue, help support muscle repair and burn fat.


Sexy-Strong POWER is a premium-grade whey protein isolate, rich in BCAAs and Essential Amino Acids, dosed to support the nutritional needs of the hard-training female athlete, protecting lean muscle, supporting the immune system, promoting recovery and powering athletic performance!

Sexy-Strong BURN contains 400mg of green coffee bean extract, 200mg of capsicum extract, 100mg of Razberi-K (a raspberry ketone that’s similar in structure to capsaicin and synephrine, which aids fat burning) and 20mg of Advantra Z (another fat burner) specifically chosen for their impact on body fat, hunger, energy and mood.


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