9 People Who Have Zero Chill About The New Quest Bar Flavor

I ain't afraid of no oats!
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Quest just announced their newest flavor of Quest Bar (It’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, BTW and it’s amazing), while simultaneously dropping the bomb news of us getting THREE new Quest Bar flavors by the end of the year. Naturally, as soon as the internet heard about this, they had a collective flip-OAT!

1. This Olympic hopeful who maybe just fed some of her Quest Bar to a shark???

2. Apparently the new Quest Bar is NSFW

3. This girl who wants you to look deep into its CHUNKY, CHOCOLATE SOUL.

4.This guy who apparently came ALL THE WAY FROM NEW ZEALAND to get his hands on a protein bar.

5.This girl is just PUNderful, isn’t she?


7. Let’s hope this guy is better at Quest Bar predictions than the RED WOMAN was at predicting who will RULE the Seven Kingdoms.

8. This girl who is basically the EMOJI SOMMELIER of Quest Bars

9. This girl who is trying to make SnapchOAT happen.

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