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4 Spookily Healthy Halloween Recipes

Don’t let empty calories and weight gain haunt your every move this holiday season.
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There’s more than just creepy ghosts and goblins lurking in the shadows this Halloween —empty calories and weight gain are also haunting your every move. For many, Halloween candy is the beginning of the rapid decline in willpower that lasts straight through New Year’s Eve. Sure, it can start off innocently with a handful of candy corn at the office, but once you get that sweet tooth revved up, you might not even notice you ate most of the candy meant for your trick-or-treaters. Ooops.

If this sounds all too familiar, we’ve got the answer to your scary Halloween nightmare: four recipes that will allow you to enjoy the flavors of the season without getting caught in the inevitable downward spiral or feeling left out of the festivites. Alexandra Catalano, a holistic nutritionist, graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and creator of the popular lifestyle brand Eat Cute, shares her favorites:

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